Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've won something

Veltins, some german beer-brand, has a new promotion going on. You have to buy loooots of beer and always look into the bottle cap for a code. You can win loads of stuff like cars, magazines and whatnot. I want a car.
There is just this teeny-tiny problem: I don't drink beer. I hate Veltins with a passion, because it's icky and beer in general makes my tummy hurt. So no way I'm gonna buy loooots of beer.
BUT in Germany there is actually a law for promotions like that. It's really funny. Here it comes: The law says, that there has to be the possibility to participate without actually buying the product!! It so beats the purpose of the whole thing, but it's the law. (Germany is kinda weird, huh? A law for effing everything!)
I wonder, if there is a state office controlling these things. That would be a dream of a job... just zapping through ALL the promotions and contests to find the required loophole. And of course trying it out (while you're at it anyway) and winning loads of stuff.
So Michelle poked around at the Veltins-website and found it, hidden in a corner: the button for How To Participate Without Buying Anything. The button was so ashamed, it didn't know what to do about itself. It was ever so small and hidden in the corner, where really nobody would look and still I found it. ^^
I had to write them a postcard and they would send me bottle caps. Today they arrived.
Twenty-four bottle caps! 24!!
With a nice, polite letter. They wish me luck and tell me ever so kindly, that I can order the next 24 bottle caps in 14 days.
Now, who would actually drink 24 bottles of beer in 14 days?! Okay, maybe I'm just not a big fan of beer, but I really think you must have a problem with alcohol, if you make it to 24 bottles in two weeks. I guess the stinky guys, who always sit in front of our supermarkets, wouldn't have any problem with that.

One of the bottle caps made me a very giddy winner of three magazines. The other 23 were just confirmation, that they meant it well with me, I guess. But whatever: I was really slap-happy, jumping around, exclaiming "I've won something, I've won something" over and over again. Hey, you gotta be happy, when you're the winner of the day.

I wonder, what I will do, when I win the car then. Maybe sit in front of the supermarket with all the other winners.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fever on a cemetery

I've been having a fever these past few days. I heard people grumble about the Japanese making a big fuss about a little fever. Especially in doramas, where everybody with a fever faints on the street (or at least this happened in My Girl). But I can totally understand that. I always feel so poorly with a fever, that I, living in a country without such a japanese attitude, wish someone would make a big fuss about me.

To get out of my misery I got out for a walk. There is a beautiful cemetery around here. It's not used anymore and feels more like a very calm park. There a benches all over the place and today I was the only person there. It was very relaxing. But I still have the fever. Meh.

This is a fountain on the cemetery, erected in 1884. I'm always impressed by such old, still working things. Even though it's turned off most of the time for money issues.

What I found cute was, that a child obviously had been drawing there and forgot her pencil. How am I so sure, it was a her? It's a pink pencil.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. But at least I managed to upload them. No, I'm not proud of myself. Not even a little bit.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Inspired by Illahee's blog I will vent about these little monsters today.
When I grew up, in the summer we used to eat our meals outside on our terrace in the garden. Wasps were always there. There was always a wasps' nest in the neighbourhood. We hated them swirring around our faces and then sitting on our meals. They really cut off little pieces and brought them back to their nest!
Don't they look dangerous, once you take a closer look? They can sting and bite! I've never been stung, but bitten. Ouch.

I learned as a child, how wasps work: First they send out scouts, who fly around the area to find prey (in this case human's meals) and once they found it, they try it a bit (flying close, sitting down, maybe collecting a sample), remember the place and fly back to the nest to call for reinforcement. Then they all come! The scouts obviously couldn't be allowed to return to their nest!
My family doesn't like to spray poison all over, especially, when you have to fear to also breathe it in and probably eat it with you meal. Ugh. But the wasps were intolerable. It took a lot of discipline to not wave about yourself constantly. A solution was needed.
We became very skilled in killing wasps.
Whenever they sat down, they sat down for the last time in their lifes. We captured them with glasses or slew them with the points of our knifes. The point-knife-method is very fast. (The knife is not used for cutting, but for beating.)
My father even was so fearless to give a flying wasps a smack, so the poor thing fell on the table, wondering what happened and then using the point-knife-method. I never dared that...

My mother said, she couldn't stand the constant hunting at the table and introduced a trap. A glass, half-full with sugary water. The wasps then want to drink from it, fall in and... drown. Wasps drown slowly and my father and I rose a stink about the stupid trap. We preferred the hunting and our argument convinced my mother, too: We didn't want to see the agony of those poor things for endless minutes. Didn't want to make them suffer, possibly yelping for help to their fellows in wasp-language. We just wanted to eat in peace and didn't find any sadistic pleasure in making wasps suffer unnecessarily. No more traps.

Yesterday I took a test (ugh) and presented myself a meal in a cafe as a reward. And once I had my meal, the wasps were practically everywhere. I rarely see wasps in the middle of the city, but they were there! Do you know that horrible feeling when they whirr around your head? I killed four wasps during my meal, much to the amusement of an old lady who was sitting at the next table. Whenever I had killed one again, it seemed to give her pleasure. ^^ Maybe she has been stung once. The waiter seemed to be really sad for "the poor animals", though.
The remaining wasps I had scared off after four killings and could eat in peace.

Nowadays there are no wasps in the neigbourhood of my childhood's house. Maybe the neighbours finally got the hang of it.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The joy of shared flats

It's said, that we Germans are very good in being passive-agressive. Usually I think that prejudices are just stupid and wrong... but in this case it's so right! My roommate must have won a competition in this (without my knowledge sadly, would have loved to be there). I'm sure, she has a nice trophy in her room, sparkling wildly in the light of her terrarium.

Here's the story. So my beloved roommate had been given seven big stones as a present. For said terrarium. Well, not for this one, cuz it's just as big as one of those stones, but for the big one she bought, but hasn't put together yet. So, those stone she put in front of our apartment door. A huge pile of fucking stones, in the way for everbody who wants to go up the stairs. I mean, they wouldn't be in the way for me, but the lady upstairs is quite... er... wide and loaded with bags full of groceries I can imagine she would have found it inconvenient. So, being a person who thinks about others and being a person who doesn't want trouble with the neighbours, I told her to put those stones away. In her room, the basement, whatevar.
That was two months ago.
Then I got a letter from the property management complaining about the pile and ordering to make it disappear. I was expecting such a letter, but it still made me angry. I don't want to fight with them, so why does my roommate has to bring me in such a situation?!
She's never here, when I'm here and awake. She leaves either before I'm out of bed or looong after. So we actually see each other rarely. That's why I glued said letter to her door, with a post-it of the angry kind on it. At least it was angry, as in straightforward. "Get those stones away now!"
Next day I arrive home from work and the stones are gone. Woah! Fast! But glued to my door was said letter with said post-it and a great passive-aggressive note. It told me, that I surely must have been glad to receive such a letter, cuz it must have given me all the acknowledgement I needed. It also told me matter-of-factly, that my beloved could have gone without my post-it.

Do you know this site? I could have tons of those if I wouldn't always toss them after reading.

I'm used to this. I don't get livid anymore. Neither do I answer on paper, nor do I try to talk it all out with her. I tried both and it was all crushed. I'm just not as good as her in writing passive-aggressive notes. Mine always try to be nice and between the lines they seems to smile apologetically. So they were all defeated and I did never dare to send out more. I couldn't handle their cries of deadly defeat anymore. So I tried the "let's talk about this" and was bluntly told, that she's not interested in talking with me anyway. About anything. At all.

So, as always, I'll just try to forget all this and be glad about the accomplished task. The stones are gone. The property management won't drag me out of bed one cold night to beat me up with them as a punishment.

But the question remains in the back of my head. Why does all this have to happen?
I still remember some time ago, when had to wash huge amounts of laundry, because I didn't wash for some weeks. So after I had the first load done, I asked my beloved, if she's okay with me loading the mashine again or if she needs to use it. She said loud out "Yeah, it's fine." I then turned to get the stuff out of my room, just when she said under her breath "It's not like I always wash a lot. But just when I want to use it, you will instead." WTF! There I got angry and kinda yelled at her. I mean, I had just asked! If asking for her needs doesn't help, then what does?
The stories could continue endlessly. But this will be the end of it. For now. Until I have something new to report.

The good things:
First: I can blog it all out before I feel forced to sneak into her room at night and strangle her in her sleep.
Second: I still have another roommate who is much nicer and starting to be a real friend.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Everybody needs it!

A bit of venting, that is. Aaand a possibility to try out some english.
Since I usually let everything brood inside of me for a while until I explode on someone for very little reasons I thought it MIGHT be better, if I let everything out on a blog. That mentioned someone knows what I'm talking about. Maybe even with commenters who then vent on my venting. Sounds great, huh? So here I am.
Plus I really love to read blogs from other people. This whole blogging thing seems to be contagious.

Actually I wanted to start this with a good deep venting about my roommate. But this has to wait, because just creating a blog gave me enuff stuff to say.
First pissy thing was to find a title for this blog. Since I'm not really creative, it took me quite some time to come up with a nice idea. It was already taken. So it took me even more time to think up something else. It was also taken! Rinse and repeat. But the worst part: They were all taken by dead blogs!! No posts in at least 5 years!
So in desperate search for inspiration I clicked through some random blogs. And boy, what did I see! Of course those blogs with the last 3 posts being apologies for not blogging and promises to change for the better with those posts being from 2009. Yeah, boring. But the real find was a blog about a family of five. Cute kids, nice looking wife. The wife is totally and absolutely in love with her husband. "How nice", I thought. Then I saw the husband in some pics and started to be very jealous. He is so fat, you would not believe it! The pic was (of course) decorated with loads of pink hearts. That must be relaxing to be worshipped by your spouse and never have to worry about keeping fit! Hah! That's the trick! I'm so jealous! I shall go and sulk now for I have started off into my relationship from the wrong spot. Probably too late to change now.

So there. I'm a blogger.