Friday, July 15, 2011

Everybody needs it!

A bit of venting, that is. Aaand a possibility to try out some english.
Since I usually let everything brood inside of me for a while until I explode on someone for very little reasons I thought it MIGHT be better, if I let everything out on a blog. That mentioned someone knows what I'm talking about. Maybe even with commenters who then vent on my venting. Sounds great, huh? So here I am.
Plus I really love to read blogs from other people. This whole blogging thing seems to be contagious.

Actually I wanted to start this with a good deep venting about my roommate. But this has to wait, because just creating a blog gave me enuff stuff to say.
First pissy thing was to find a title for this blog. Since I'm not really creative, it took me quite some time to come up with a nice idea. It was already taken. So it took me even more time to think up something else. It was also taken! Rinse and repeat. But the worst part: They were all taken by dead blogs!! No posts in at least 5 years!
So in desperate search for inspiration I clicked through some random blogs. And boy, what did I see! Of course those blogs with the last 3 posts being apologies for not blogging and promises to change for the better with those posts being from 2009. Yeah, boring. But the real find was a blog about a family of five. Cute kids, nice looking wife. The wife is totally and absolutely in love with her husband. "How nice", I thought. Then I saw the husband in some pics and started to be very jealous. He is so fat, you would not believe it! The pic was (of course) decorated with loads of pink hearts. That must be relaxing to be worshipped by your spouse and never have to worry about keeping fit! Hah! That's the trick! I'm so jealous! I shall go and sulk now for I have started off into my relationship from the wrong spot. Probably too late to change now.

So there. I'm a blogger.


  1. err, so you are starting by getting fat?;) (ok, that is a lousy comment, but it is always nice to be the first one on the first post). You Swede?

  2. @ BiggerInJapan
    There's this saying that without men there wouldn't be any wars, only a lot of happy, fat women.

    But nice blog-idea. As opposed to all those dieting blogs a blog about getting fat. ^^ But, as mentioned, it's too late now for me. I'll leave this for others.

  3. happy blogging!! thank you for the comment today! the food at the party was for many people (when i left there were six adults, five kids and two babies.) it was also for the whole day. i think they managed! :D

  4. Welcome Michelle, I think you'll find it becomes a mix of responsibility and fun.