Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fever on a cemetery

I've been having a fever these past few days. I heard people grumble about the Japanese making a big fuss about a little fever. Especially in doramas, where everybody with a fever faints on the street (or at least this happened in My Girl). But I can totally understand that. I always feel so poorly with a fever, that I, living in a country without such a japanese attitude, wish someone would make a big fuss about me.

To get out of my misery I got out for a walk. There is a beautiful cemetery around here. It's not used anymore and feels more like a very calm park. There a benches all over the place and today I was the only person there. It was very relaxing. But I still have the fever. Meh.

This is a fountain on the cemetery, erected in 1884. I'm always impressed by such old, still working things. Even though it's turned off most of the time for money issues.

What I found cute was, that a child obviously had been drawing there and forgot her pencil. How am I so sure, it was a her? It's a pink pencil.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. But at least I managed to upload them. No, I'm not proud of myself. Not even a little bit.

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