Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've won something

Veltins, some german beer-brand, has a new promotion going on. You have to buy loooots of beer and always look into the bottle cap for a code. You can win loads of stuff like cars, magazines and whatnot. I want a car.
There is just this teeny-tiny problem: I don't drink beer. I hate Veltins with a passion, because it's icky and beer in general makes my tummy hurt. So no way I'm gonna buy loooots of beer.
BUT in Germany there is actually a law for promotions like that. It's really funny. Here it comes: The law says, that there has to be the possibility to participate without actually buying the product!! It so beats the purpose of the whole thing, but it's the law. (Germany is kinda weird, huh? A law for effing everything!)
I wonder, if there is a state office controlling these things. That would be a dream of a job... just zapping through ALL the promotions and contests to find the required loophole. And of course trying it out (while you're at it anyway) and winning loads of stuff.
So Michelle poked around at the Veltins-website and found it, hidden in a corner: the button for How To Participate Without Buying Anything. The button was so ashamed, it didn't know what to do about itself. It was ever so small and hidden in the corner, where really nobody would look and still I found it. ^^
I had to write them a postcard and they would send me bottle caps. Today they arrived.
Twenty-four bottle caps! 24!!
With a nice, polite letter. They wish me luck and tell me ever so kindly, that I can order the next 24 bottle caps in 14 days.
Now, who would actually drink 24 bottles of beer in 14 days?! Okay, maybe I'm just not a big fan of beer, but I really think you must have a problem with alcohol, if you make it to 24 bottles in two weeks. I guess the stinky guys, who always sit in front of our supermarkets, wouldn't have any problem with that.

One of the bottle caps made me a very giddy winner of three magazines. The other 23 were just confirmation, that they meant it well with me, I guess. But whatever: I was really slap-happy, jumping around, exclaiming "I've won something, I've won something" over and over again. Hey, you gotta be happy, when you're the winner of the day.

I wonder, what I will do, when I win the car then. Maybe sit in front of the supermarket with all the other winners.


  1. In some parts of my old neighborhood winning beer would be better than winning cash. Your living some 16 year old drop outs dream!!! ;)

  2. @ Chris
    Yay, I'm living the dream. Wow, that sounds good!
    The part with the drop out doesn't sound too nice, but I can overlook that for the moment. :-)