Sunday, August 28, 2011


Due to some issues concerning the stupid fact that first-graders started school later than all the other pupils this year, I spent a week of semi-summer with Kaoru visiting my family. Time was spent mostly by us biking around taking advantage of the nice weather. Sometimes we lent a bike for Kaoru from the neighbours (thank you!) and other times she just sat on my bike's carrier and I did all the work, while she shouted with glee about the speed and every bump. I still don't understand the fun in riding over bumps, but I must have been missing out on something. It's certainly the reason why my life doesn't make any sense and is just living in the moment. I hate bumps in the street.
We visited every playground in my hometown that I could remember and Kaoru did her best in climbing up these red new climbing frames made of tows.

Yes, I do in fact encourage the peace sign. I think it's so cute. Plus it matched her proud moment of success.

We met two cute boys her age at said playground and within minutes Kaoru bossed them around and they did everything she said. Just how does she do that? Gotta learn from her. She's a real master.

Other days were spent biking through the wonderful landscape that was my homeland and that I love so much. It's so sad people there are mostly grumpy and unfriendly and make you want to either leave or run amok. Why don't the people just match the landscape? Well, can't have everything, I guess.
We even spent time at a beach, building huge mud castles and swimming in the freaking cold lake. After swimming we bought ice-cream. We all know those cones and we all know that, if you're not fast enough, it will drip through the tip. My father was unwrapping Kaoru's ice-cream for her and the following happened.
Me: "Don't unwrap it totally. Just leave a bit of it on there for safety."
He just unwrapped it.
Me grabbed the paper and did what I intended, grumbling: "Just why am I talking to you..."
Ice-cream-lady: "Those are the men. They never want to use safety."
--- Okay, maybe not all the people are grumpy.

The nights weren't as much fun since I had to share a bed with Kaoru and she kicked me awake repeatedly. She dreamt so vividly and loudly, I could hardly sleep at all. Dark circles follwed. I spare you a picture.
During my sleepless nights I had a lot of time to think about Certain Someone and reached the decision that I couldn't take any more. So if anyone here was already his fan... I'm sorry for you guys. His guest appearences on this blog will stay very limited.

What was really astounding was my father. When I first told him about us girls visiting him for a week, he was totally against it. He opposed the idea vehemently. I've known my dad my whole life and therefore just repeated the same idea to him a week later and he wasn't as opposed anymore. By the time we actually wanted to come he was okay with it, but wanted to state some things clearly. "I will not do anything for you two. I will not cook or think up any program what to do all day. I still think this is not a good idea." I agreed, the work would be all mine. For his opinion about this trip I didn't give a shit. I just knew it was going to be nice. I would make sure of that, if necessary.
Turned out to be totally different. He cooked for us, he bought us ice-cream, he had a program for each day (and I only had to fill the breaks), he tried to interact with Kaoru a lot and when we left, he told us "It was nice that you've been here" and hugged Kaoru tightly.
On the last day we didn't have time for a real lunch for we had to leave early to catch our train. My father told me "You thought up this leaving-early-thing and you will get a lunch for Kaoru. I will do nothing, you hear me? Nuthin." So I went to the next supermarket with Kaoru and let her choose a snack that would support her for the duration of our trip, since she would get a real meal at home. She liked that and off we went back to my father's house. Just as we arrived my father acts all insulted and tells me the following: "Why did you buy something? I had planned to make soup for all of us and you just reject it without even telling me." WTF! Talk about being skittish.
Maybe he's getting old... it's about time with almost 70.


  1. Old people can start seeming like their wires are crossed. Like old computers or cars.
    Everything starts to breakdown eventually.

  2. sounds to me like your father has a hard crust but a soft center!

  3. @Francesca
    You're right. He would never admit it, but we all know. ^^

  4. I wouldn't have guessed from your telling that this is your step-daughter, I love her name. Ya know my mom is quite fond of Andy already but my mother has always loved children, not to mention she has more step-grandchildren than real ones. Not that step ones aren't real but you know. I hope one day Andy and I can get along well enough to have a pleasant mini vacation. It just seems like it will be a long way off right now.

    1. Well, she was my stepdaughter. Just after this vacation I broke up with her father, so that was that.
      Her name is a pseudonym, thought up by meeeee. :-D So nice that you like it, I put some thought into the meaning even.
      Your relationship with Andy sounds an awful lot like my relationship with Kaoru's brother. Which is why he never made on this blog. Hope it'll get better with Andy soon.

      Mymy, this was over two years ago... I'm getting old. O.O