Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things I like

Giving presents to the kids.
Since they're no such spoilt brats that it wouldn't be fun to give them stuff, I love to give them new stuff. They are really cute kiddies who enjoy getting new things and show it in a way that makes me melt a little bit inside.

A few days ago they finally returned from their grandparents where they spent the whole (nonexistent) summer. They both had grown as children usually tend to if nourished properly. So they needed new clothes. Especially the girl, who I shall codename Kaoru from now on, because of 2 Cor 2:15 and because she made noises about wanting to be a woman priest when she's a grown-up. Maybe this is not as far away as I thought: She'd grown like 6 or 7cm in about 6 weeks! Where is the little girl I remembered?
The big brother did grow too, but not a much as she did as to give her the opportunity to keep up with him. I shall codename him Yuuki from now on, because Certain Someone thinks he is just like Yuuki from the jdorama Abarenbo Mama. And he's right.

Well. There were still boxes sitting in the basement with used-but-still-nice clothes Certain Someone received as gifts for the kids and these boxes were impatiently waiting, twitching every now and then as if they were asking when the kids finally will have grown. Now their time had come and an exited Kaoru and an hyper Yuuki carried two heavy boxes upstairs. I have to admit, that those boxes in general contain a lot more girl's clothes than boy's, since Certain Someone received the most from a family with two daughters. I was kinda waiting for disappointment on Yuuki's side therefore. But he was in a really good mood and even though there wasn't a lot for him in the box, he still enjoyed himself, so all was fine. A bit more than fine even.
He got a warm vest and a warm jacket and prodeeded to wear both over another and then went to the kids' room giggling. As he came back, he also wore his snow-pants and just looked like an astronaut. Really, all he was missing was a helmet! I cracked me up and as we were all laughing he enjoyed the attention. Cute boy. Often enough I'm just stressed out by his nonsense, but this one was delicious!
Kaoru got a lot more out of her box. A light jacket, two sweat-jackets, a t-shirt and a shitload of pants. She tried everything on and was delighted by all of it. Like jumping around squeaking "Look! I got this! I can wear it now!" She was really happy, insisted to keep the new clothes on and it was fun to watch.

I'm also glad to report that she successfully left the everything-has-to-be-pink zone. Finally! I don't have anything particular against pink, but when everything must be pink it just pisses me off and gives me eye cancer. Yesterday she accepted all the clothes in all colours, even the black sweat jacket with dark purple somethings on it! Ah, I'm so proud of her!

Even though it was work (getting the new clothes unpacked, putting away the old ones, having my ears ring from all the squeaking) it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Time with the kids can be so rewarding even though it's hard work, too.


  1. "but when everything must be pink it just pisses me off and gives me eye cancer."

    I know of a bus of deaf children that were hit by a truck... and they all died of eye Cancer. ;)

  2. @Chris
    Okay, I admit it. I don't understand the joke. Even asked two other people and they didn't get it either. *sigh*