Thursday, September 01, 2011

Again! And it sucks so much!

I'm having a fever again! I'm feeling really shitty and am in pain, so yesterday I went to a doctor and got something prescribed. A something that I had to pick up from the pharmacy. It was late already, so I had to go to the pharmacy in the central station. Let the fun begin.

I arrived there sweating buckets and freezing at the same time. Plus pain. I just wanted my medicine and then return home. But no, there was a queue. Fuck. Well, being well-educated I stood at the end, waiting impatiently. The queue was supposed to be for all their counters. They had like 6 counters there, but only three were open and some assholes had decided, that they were way too cool for our queue and had created a second one just for one counter. Fuckers.
After like 2 minutes one counter closed! Man, I was so pissed off. To wait now even longer didn't feel nice to me, literally. The second queue died after a while, cause the pharmacist at this counter was quite efficient. And finally, finally I was at a counter and got what I wanted, when two guys came in. They wandered around, talking loudly and being just the usual dumb-fucks. Then they proceeded standing randomly in the way. The pharmacist at my counter said to them, they should stand at the end of the queue like everybody else and they were like "What?! We?! Ooooooh..." Holy shit, like they had never been in a freaking store before. Jeez.
The pharmacist took like forever to sell me my stuff. And off I was.
Did I forget to tell you something? No, I didn't. She did. Ususally they say "get well", because they're pharmacists and all. No, not there. Thanks for nothing! "We don't have to be polite to our customers, because WE are the pharmacy in the central station and the customers come to us anyway. We're the last hope for all the poor travelers and all those who didn't make it to the other pharmacies before they close, so WHAT!"

God, I hate being sick.

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  1. "Did I forget to tell you something? No, I didn't. She did."

    Common courtesy is becoming like common sense.....not so common.

    Get better soon :)