Friday, October 28, 2011


It's Halloween. Apparently.
So I decided to show off my cute decoration to y'all. Here he is!!

The cute little fella had a photo shooting the other day and was feeling a bit shy at the beginning. So at first he tried just sitting there to get used to the setting (the dinner table) and the friendly photographer (the Auction Winner), whom he also didn't know hefore. It was all a bit much for a little pumpkin, ya know?

So we tried a few portraits to warm him up...

You can see here, he looks a lot more relaxed now. He liked taking the centre stage. As decoration you don't usually get that much action and he was enjoying the attention. Plus it was his first time away from home also, so curiosity slowly took over.

Being told he would become famous once I publish the pics on my blog really got him started. His cheeky side came out and he was posing happily.

I actually don't give two shits about Halloween. It's an American thing and I just don't get the thrill of it. Other people go crazy about it and seem to love it, while I just stand there asking myself "wtf is so great about this".

Together with my flatmates we reached a decision: Should some kiddos dare and ring our doorbell screeching the German version of "trick or treat" at us, we would harshly tell them off for being too American and slam the door in their faces. Serves them right!
Around here it is rarely seen that people actually decorate something scary for Halloween, thank God. Of course the supermarkets go crazy with all kinds of shit you can buy there. That the Halloween stuff stands just right next to the Christmas stuff, makes the whole thing even more shite.

So I have this cute little pumpkin, because he smiled at me in the store and I just couldn't resist. Weak me. But Halloween can kiss my and his little


  1. haha!
    my greatest regret about halloween (besides its commercially churning out cheap spooky stuff) is that over the years it's replaced our traditional carnival in february.

  2. I could make you enjoy it. I could make you enjoy anything...with a little coaxing...I'm sure ;)

  3. Ahhh! That is the cutest pumpkin ever! :D

  4. @Francesca
    There is a German custom around the time of Halloween: Kids go around singing songs for sweets. This custom gets swallowed by Halloween. :-/

    Make me, I dare you!

    And now he's even famous! :-D