Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simple things

Just recently I found out once more what fun means for me. I'm usually bored with other people's definition of fun. Even really elaborate things, that take a lot of effort bore me out of my skull. After the activity I feel empty and like I merely spent energy on it without receiving anything at all. I hate this feeling. It makes me think I just wasted my time, my energy, my life. So I always go for the real fun things.

Fun means sitting at the lake with my feet dipped in it, watching how the sun sparkles on the water. Fun is biking into the unknown suburbs without any goal whatsoever besides being outside, then finding nice places, sitting down and blowing soap bubbles into the autumn wind. Taking a walk on the cemetery and then sitting down on the gras under some beeches eating beechnuts until mouth and throat feel dry. Repeating vocabulary and learning new words in every situation, like when biking or cooking. Standing outside in the middle of a godawful cold night looking at the stars, enjoying the cold air on my face. Eating breakfast in bed while not worrying about the crumbs. Listening to people talking about themselves. Balancing on the wall at the river, about 4 metres over the water's edge and shocking the people on the regular walk by simply being up on the wall. Walking into said river with rolled up pants and splash around with the water. Going shopping, taking forever and making fun of the weird fashion nowadays and the weird people around. Strolling around aimlessly in lonely streets in a warm night that is bright as day due to full moon. Sitting in the bathtub for like forever, laughing about stupid jokes. Getting answers in Russian when I asked in Japanese. Swimming laps and calculating how many metres that just was.

So much fun! So much enjoyment! So rewarding!

When I can't find somebody whose definition of fun matches mine, I just do such stuff alone. But I did all these things just in the last two months with the Auction Winner.
I think, I might be falling in love.


  1. Auction winner?
    Anyway, Congrats :)

  2. @Chris
    There has been an auction and he won it even though he didn't really bid. ^^
    Thanks. :-)