Thursday, December 01, 2011


Wow! It's already December.
Lately I've had so much to do, so much to take care of and a private life to tend to on top if it all, that I (being German and in the mood to translate literally so that nobody might really understand) didn't know "where my head was". Time was just flying by and I had lost all feeling for it. In my head actually it's still summer! The weather outside seems to be making fun of me with all that cold and rain and cold rain. I was just too busy. My to-do-list was getting longer everyday and in the mornings I had trouble getting out of bed, because who wants to get started on all those effing tasks?! Certainly not me, I would like to have someone (a minion maybe) to take care of all that shite.
But now things have calmed down a bit. The to-do-list is still long, but the tasks on it are less tough. I'm able to see ahead, which is a nice thing. Getting up in the morning is still not desirable, but that might mean nothing but I'm a sleepyhead.

As for Christmas, I'm so not in the mood. I have nice plans for Christmas itself, but to spend all December in anticipation isn't exactly me. I don't even want to decorate the flat. My flatmate (the nice one) is already totally into Christmas-mode and spent hours on creating decoration. But for me it's all still far away. Still summer, ya know?
Last Christmas was kinda shite though and I hope this one will be better. I will visit friends and not bother with my family, because they suck at Christmas and at being nice to me. Will visit my mother to celebrate New Year's though, so fingers crossed, we won't kill each other in the process! No risk, no fun! Yay!

Future posts are in the making, so this blog won't die.


  1. I totally hear you - and the fact is that Christmas IS far away: 25 days away, to be precise :)
    Happy December!

  2. Seems quite a lot, but people are SO into Christmas already. I feel like hiding from it.

  3. I'm so not into Christmas but I got obligations...people got's "Show time".

  4. @Chris
    And the show must go on? It may as well, but without me. I'll join in on the last few days.

  5. Yay new blog post!
    December came too fast..I'm not ready for this year to be over yet! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year though, and an even better New Year :DD