Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm having a bit too much time on my hands and therefore spend a lot of my time reading. What book, do you ask? No book most of the time, sorry. (Though I almost finished The Alternative in Eastern Europe, yay!) But most of the time right now it's a blog. A nice one. The author lives a completely different life from mine and that's what I enjoy so much about blogs: Being able to get a glimpse of a life I'll never have. Often enough because I wouldn't enjoy it for more than a week...

Anyhow. So I came across this post of hers about potatoes. Now first off with you reading about her poisoning everyone near her with the poisonous bits of potatoes. It's funny. Really.
Then return here. At once!

After reading her post I remembered a joke my colleagues at my previous job made. We used to eat breakfast together and one of the men (I was the only woman there) is the very proud father of three very loud and very uneducated children and so he told us, what he did with his lovely angels on Sunday.
"We went out to the fields and dug up potatoes that were left behind after harvesting. The kids had a ball! We took a lot potatoes home, peeled them and the kiddies were so exited about it all, they even ate bits of them raw! The rest we cooked and ate and then they fell into their beds. Sadly, I had to leave for work today before they were awake."
Another guy, who knows everything about nature and wildlife what with him being a huntsman as a hobby and all:
"You do know that raw potatoes are poisonous, do you?"
"What? No! They're not!"
"Yes, they are. And you do know, that the green parts and the eyes are poisonous, too, right? The poison is called solanine."
"All of the children ate the green parts and the eyes, too."
(He was getting nervous, poor him.)
"Well, maybe you should call home then."
(Heartily laughing in which everybody joined)
"Look at them laughing! Now that's what I call worry for my kids!"

After the laughing subsided, he was then seriously told off for being so careless with his children. We all doubted, he really poisoned them as it's not all that poisonous, but then again we couldn't resist teasing him: "But they are still so little and have therefore lower resistance... you should call home, really."

He did call home later. They were all fine.

Gotta love construction site humour!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Creepy life

Creepy things keep happening to me!

I was standing at the tram station in the fucking rain. Hidden in my jacket, the hood over my head, hands in pockets and probably mumbling something about the shite rain. (It rains a lot around here. Most of the time I don't care, but sometimes I hate it.) Well, so I stood there waiting for the tram. Some guy, possibly in his late forties, carrying shopping bags walked by and stared at me. I thought "WTF, do I have something in my face?" He turns away and walks by. "Aaah, nothing wrong with my face." But my relief came to early. The guy turned back to me and STARED at me while walking about 50 metres off. I was shocked, then angry and said in his direction he should stop staring. Don't know if he heard me. He was now about 50 metres away and I settled back to waiting in the (fucking) rain. When I felt being watched! The freak actually stood there just staring at me again! WTF! Since I'm not all for shouting at freaks all over the place, I showed him the finger. I thought this would show him that his looks are not welcome. But it made him walk back to me! Well... might as well use this. I told him in my angry voice that it's impolite to stare at people and he should fucking stop! He was kinda flabberghasted and said "But you just called me over".

I showed him the finger and in his world that meant he was being called! O.O

But he somehow realized neither he nor his looks were welcome, so he trotted off.

This happened in the dark, but it was still early enough for loads of people to be outside waiting for the tram. Would that have happened in the middle of the night with me being alone at the station, I would have been scared shitless!

Why are all these messed-up people allowed to walk around freely and scare innocent women who were just waiting for the tram?!

On a side note: I got rid of my job! Or they got rid of me. However, I'm free again. Actually, a little too free, but I won't complain now.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome to the club!

Yes, yes, I'm still alive. My job didn't kill me. Yet. But it steadily eats up my life. I didn't tell you guys, but I drive three hours a day to my workplace. Which makes me unable to have a life during the week. This is seriously gnawing at me. I would like to be able to do sports, meet the Auction Winner or just watch a whole movie, but I can't. Two hours at home before having to go to sleep to be able to give it all the next day too just isn't enough time. Meh.

My boss is very arrogant and tests me all the time in all the different ways he can think of. I'm neither scared of the tests nor of him, but all my colleagues are. For some reason, that I don't wanna know, they are all scared shitless of him. All of them. Even the colleagues, who are older than him.
I don't like the work atmosphere there. It's like this constant pressure in the air, mixed with fear. It gets a bit better as soon as the boss leaves for some appointment, but it's never really a nice atmosphere.

Aaah, I guess, I could say I really don't like it there.

What I do like is my job. I like the tasks they give me, even if they are stressful sometimes. I like what I learn and I can see that I've already learned a lot. They will make me a good engineer there.
But I'm searching for a new job within my city. Hopefully I'll find one. Because I just don't know, how long I can stand working there.

Right now I'm sick (the usual autumn-sickness that everybody gets, no worries), so I have some time at home. Here I can think it all over and I realize how hard it is to motivate myself for my job. Ugh. It doesn't have to be this way, does it?

This is kind of a whiny post, sorry. I actually have funny things and nice things happen to me, but it's all overshadowed right now.

Sunday, September 02, 2012


So tomorrow I'm starting my new job. Well, my first job. Tomorrow is my first day in this new phase of my life.

I'm so very excited. What will I do tomorrow? What will they want from me? Will I be able to live up to their expectations?
Although I'm trying not to think too much about it (because I might start to pull my hair out over it), it sneakily creeps back into my thoughts.

I got a probation period of three months. And I consider myself lucky with it, because six months are commonly used around here. But three months... will I be able to shine during this time?

I guess, being excited and nervous is a good thing, even if it is annoying. At least it shows that this job means a lot to me. This probably means, I am willing to give my very best. Will that be enough?

Anyhow, it doesn't matter how much I worry. Tomorrow is the start.

Friday, August 31, 2012


I once had a friend (a long, long time ago), who wrote in our yearbook his favourite colours would be multi and black. He was a nice guy, who sadly wanted to draw a line after school and leave everything and everyone behind. So I never saw him again. Well, I guess friendships are multicolour. You just don't look for a moment and whosh! the colour changed and everything is different.

Life itself is multicolour. Which is good, because everything staying one way always is just boring. For a while this might be comforting, but it can become a cage. And then you just want to break out. Even if it means to destroy everything you've lived for so far.

Multicolour can be very annoying. In furniture shops there are sometimes arrangements shown for children's rooms. In bright multicolour. Even as a child, I've disliked those. How can someone live in a room that hurts the eyes after five minutes already? Unimaginable.

Moods are also multicolour. You can enter a room full of people and feel the atmosphere, but the moods of the people will be all different and individual. This is what makes conversations so difficult, in my opinion. I say something which I mean all nice and shiny and the other person receives it as totally mean. Always a mystery for me.

This post is the last one in this week of colours. Francesca posted her thoughts and pictures to it here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ugh. Green. I hate green. Give me something great for my birthday and if it's green, I'll hate it. I might even be sad, because the gift itself can be great, but this icky colour totally ruins it for me.

When I was little, one wall in our living room was painted green. Not a light green, like leaves. Nooo, barf-green. Damn, that was ugly! In the early eighties there must have been a trend to paint one wall in your living room differently from the other three. My father chose this barf-green. Actually, he didn't like it either, but it wasn't that bad for him. So he only changed it after the West came. We have lots of photos of this room. Ew.

Green is okay in trees and gras and frogs. But on any other stuff it's blergh.

Here in the most beautiful city in the world, I am glad to have lots of green around me. Nearby is one of the rivers, where I like to go walking. Nearby in the other direction is a nice park. With wild strawberries.
Aaaand on my windowsill sit three plants. But not because they are green. It's because they bloom in beautiful blue bellflowers.

This post is also a part of the week of colours, because it's still going on! Go and look at Francesca's Green and her wonderful pictures!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Red. Red seems to be the colour that cannot decide what it wants to be when it grows up. I mean, look! It's associated with so many things! And those things don't even have a lot in common. In my opinion anyway.


Possibly a shitload of stuff more that I can't think of right now.

I do have my problems with these things. Does love even have a colour? And if it does, is it red? Red roses and all that? Well, okay. If you think so.

A few years ago I really didn't like red all that much. I think, I had a problem with the association femininity. I never wanted to be a girl, so looking girly or liking girly stuff was right out. Girls were those boring beings in school, who never ran across the schoolyard screaming while being a superhero and saving the world. They played Chinese jump rope (God, I just found this word online! WTF! Didn't even know there was something Chinese about it!) and other dumb, boring games. The boys in the meantime were allowed to get dirty all over and play the most amazing games evar! I wanted to be a boy. Obviously they had the better deal in life. So I always played with the boys, looked down on the girly girls and stupidly thought things would stay that way. Noooo, life is always in motion and nothing ever stays the way it is. The boys then reached an age, where playing with girls was totally uncool and out I was. So I had no one to play with. Of course I still didn't like the girls and of course they knew this and didn't like me. Troublesome.

But now I'm very grown-up, I guess. I'm a woman and I'm pretty okay with it. I'm not that sure anymore men have the better deal in life. It's just different for them.
My room is actually decorated in red and white and I love my room. My room looks really girly. Some years ago this would have been unthinkable. But now it just is this way and I feel really good.
I even own some red clothes now.

This post is also a part of the week of colours. Check out Francesca's Red and follow aaaall the links in the comments!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Blue is my favourite colour. According to Wikipedia it’s the colour most people choose as their favourite colour. Maybe because it’s the colour of the sky.

I love to lie on my back and look into the sky. I have the feeling the longer you look the bigger the sky gets. Somehow this makes your heart get bigger, too. The older I become, the more my eyes hurt when I look at the sky. Seems I was made to live in the dark and this becomes more prominent as I’m getting older.
As a child looking into the sky didn’t hurt my eyes. But then again… I spent countless minutes looking straight at the sun with my eyes wide open, waiting for everything to turn orange and then yellow until my whole head seemed to be filled with light. Today I know good children don’t look directly into the sun as it’s bad for the eyes. It seems, I wasn’t a good child then.

Well, how can anyone be good without instructions? I was often scolded and beaten for being so “insolent”. It’s really tiring to get beaten and yelled at a lot, so one day I neared my father, who was sitting on the couch (as usual) and told him, I wanted to ask him something and begged him not to get angry at me. I asked him “What does “insolent” actually mean? Why do you all get angry at me? What did I do then?” He seemed very surprised. He couldn’t give me an answer though. I didn’t understand, what I did always wrong and he couldn’t explain it to me. Of course this talk didn’t help to improve the situation. I was 5.

I still like blue. Especially in the sky and blue flowers. But I came to like red a lot, too. More about red tomorrow.

This post is part of a week of colours. The idea came from Francesca. It's a great idea and it brought me back into the game!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


This night I dreamt the greatest dream evar!

I dreamt, I was on vacation somewhere in Germany with lots of nature around. We had rented a little holiday home there. We, that is the Auction Winner and I. (All this by itself is pretty great to start the dream off with.)
We were there at Easter and some locals told us, they had a legend for the children there. The Easterman would come and take them for a trip. Nobody knows what happens on this trip, but it's something great! Not scary at all. Well, you might be scared of the Easterman, of course. Him being the legend-character and all. But sadly, children today don't believe in him anymore, so he doesn't come to get them anymore.
The Auction Winner didn't believe the story. He's very mature, you see. (No, he isn't.)
But I believed! I'm a believer!
I sat on the front porch the whole evening wishing for the Easterman to come and get me. I was so hoping, he would come even though I'm not a child anymore and not a local. I was sitting there as it got dark and still wishing and hoping. The Auction Winner was inside all this time and probably thought I'm so weird. I was wishing for it like praying... just directing my thoughts to the Easterman.
And he came! He really came!
He came to get me! He looked like a mix between a man and an animal, a racoon maybe. (Racoons are definitely not local.) And he was very kind and told me, he was glad, I believed in him and wanted him to come. He was very sad, that children nowadays don't believe in him any longer. And when they don't believe, he can't come to them.
He took me with him. I don't remember everything from our trip together anymore and what I remember is hard to describe with words. We ran through the woods. It was wet and I got wet all over and froze a lot. But it was the greatest! I wasn't just in the wild, I experienced nature. We ran and I was just part of it, of nature itself. A wonderful experience!
He brought me back home, too. I was so happy, we had made the trip!

We were there the next year, too. Of course we were! And again I was sitting on the front porch the whole evening wishing for the Easterman to come and get me. I hoped nothing happened to him, so he could still come. I mean, a lot can happen in one year. You never know.
It got dark and he still hadn't been there. It was really late, but he still wasn't there. I was almost losing hope, when another creature came. It seemed to crawl on the floor and just peeked over the edge of the porch. It was wearing a black cloth like a mask. When I was looking at it, it stood up and was as tall as a human. It removed the cloth and looked like a mix between a woman and a mouse or something like that. But unlike the Easterman, who had fur on his face, she had a very even face without any hair. She said, the Easterman had sent her to get me. He couldn't come himself, but she would bring me to him. She asked me, if I was the right person. I told her, of course I was!
Off we went. We walked through the forest and all the animals weren't afraid of me. I could almost touch them. We met the animal-relatives of the Easterman, they lived in the trees. They were all looking curiously at me. Someone joined us on our way to the Easterman, a boy, but not a real boy. Something legendary must have been about him, too. I don't remember him well, though. The way was long and took quite a while.
I woke up, before we could meet the Easterman.

I spent at least an hour in bed trying to fall asleep again. But I couldn't.

It was the greatest dream ever! I want to go on that trip again!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I did it! I handed my thesis in yesterday! Yay for an end to all this!

Right now I'm just trying to relax and let go of all the stress I've had. And I think I'm doing a good job so far... what with having a slight sunburn and all.

I still feel kinda exhausted and shaky though, so I'll go back to relaxing now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I hate this!

So they changed the actual topic of my bachelor thesis. Because they cannot give me data to work with. Which is probably because they didn't really work on it. Or so it seems to me. Especially after numerous questions of mine were answered with "Oh, I hadn't thought about that." I mean, WTF. What is this? A university? Damn.

So I have to re-adjust to the new topic and hand my thesis in next week. WHAT? Next week already? Yes, appearantly.

Right now I only got so much as a glimpse of what to do. I'm reading up on the new thing and all, but in my head it isn't really forming into a new way of properly writing my thesis.

Guess, it's time to scratch the skin off my face. With a spoon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oh the joy!

My beloved flatmate, about whom I vented before already right here, will move out! To the end of April at the latest! I know it's mean, but I'm bouncing with joy!

When she moved in here, we were really getting along. I liked her. A lot. She's one of those persons who shine when they smile. Makes you shine a little, too.

But a lot changed since then.
She's lost all her interest in her flatmates. It's not just me, no no. In the last 10 months she mostly confined herself to her room. We didn't meet her for weeks. She slept in the morning, was awake at night and gone most of the day. She stopped doing her share in cleaning our flat. When we tried to approach her, we were rebuffed. Roughly. Judging from the bottles, which appeared in our kitchen to be brought to the bottle bank, she drank a lot. Like, really a lot. I would be dead by now, I think. Or at least vomitting all day. Which would prevent me from drinking even more. Not in her case, seems she's well trained. Actually it's not even funny anymore. Her drinking is part of the reason why we're happy she'll leave. Her character changed a lot. I lived with her for over four years now and I can see how much she's changed. My other flatmate cannot judge, since she doesn't know her that long, but I can, cuz I do. She became grouchy, unfriendly, uncaring and even distrustful of us. Which is ridiculous, because we never did anything to her. She's always ready for a fight, it seems. Not even about something. It really seems she just wants to fight and when we react all calmly she acts discouraged and leaves the room. It's easy to write all these changes off to the drinking and we don't want to do that. It seems like condemning her. But what to do?

Now that it's certain she'll move out, she's already trying to wriggle out of all her responsibilities towards us. She didn't pay her full rent and she's refusing to repaint her room. Thank God we have a deposit from her, which will cover everything. Hopefully it'll cover everything.

But I started off being all happy! The reason not only being her leaving. No, there's more: We already have a new girl! She's really nice! We talked a lot with her and she seems to have the same idea of living together as we do.
We so hope for a new beginning! Makes you all weary having a bad atmosphere at home.

Fingers crossed! All's gonna be better!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Having a big down right now. Don't even know why. Just down.

Feel like I should have a good cry. Right here and now.

Just that I don't know why. This is so weird.

Depressed much?

Hope it gets better soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's lent! It's been lent for a while already. Ahem. I don't care that my post is not on time!

Since it's lent, I'm fasting. Not so much for any religious achievement, but more for a challenge. Each year I try to get rid of something in my life that is quite dear to me. Just to see how it goes. But this something almost never belongs to the department of food. I have so many restrictions what I can eat and can not eat and how I can only eat x in combination with y, that I'm kinda happy I don't starve. So fasting on food doesn't happen.

This year I decided to quit watching videos on my laptop. I don't own a TV, so watching stuff is only possible through my window and on my laptop. And it takes way too much time, I decided. I love me some japanese dorama, but I wondered what I will do once I can't watch videos anymore. So I decided to try it out. Lent is supposed to be a challenge, I think.

It's fukken hard. I really miss it. I have deprivation symptoms all the time. So I think it was a very good idea to quit watching videos for a while. It's really a challenge for me. For me, the addict. Seriously, I didn't know it was so bad. Like, I switch on the laptop and have no idea what to do with it. Other than watching something (which is right out now) or working on my bachelor thesis. The very good thing: I get a lot more done than usual.

I think I will spend Easter watching the whole Komyo ga Tsuji at once. All 49 episodes. I'm gonna die.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Who would have thought...

I promised a rant about work and here it is. Yay.

Sooo, here's the story. I was short on money (being a student and all, you know), so I got me a job. This was over nine months ago, the contract was supposed to end by the end of February, so I don't have this job anymore, which is fine by me, cuz: It was a dull job. A very dull job. God, I never imagined the job being so dull.
Sure, I'll miss the money, but since I gotsta work on my bachelor thesis from now on, I wouldn't have time to work anyway, so what.
I worked in a civil-engineer-office, just some steps away from the actual site. It was going to be a mall looking like this:

Surprise! It now IS a mall!

So quite an interesting site, because there were loads of stuff going on. Like, manymany workmen running about and working. Sadly, I wasn't often there. Mostly I had to stay in the office and do the most boring things ever invented. Sorting papers and plans and then filing them. Oh, I also had to label and catalogue the papers. Sometimes I did some search on the web for the engineers and made an highly interesting Excel chart. Veeery boring. I could hardly motivate myself to get out of bed on the work-mornings. Not that it would be any different on free days... ahem... but I really dreaded going to work. What I feared most is, that could get used to the dumbness of my tasks. That I could feel okay with it. What kind of person would that make me? This really scared the shit out of me. Thank God I never got used to it, just more pissed off at it all.
Not only was the work boring, I was also always surrounded by smoke. A colleague smoked cigarillos like non-stop. In the office. I hated it. The smoke gave me persistent headaches and also made me stink all over. After work I would come home and first thing take a shower and wash my hair to get rid of that stench. Ugh. Don't want to know how much poison I inhaled during work.

But there were better days! Sometimes I got something good to do. Something that involves running around on site! Okay, the actual task was usually quite shite anyway, but I was allowed to waste time on site for watching the construction workers do their thing. This was really interesting and it's fun to just stand there and watch. And learn a lot in the process, of course. Or maybe I was just dreading going back to the office, back to my boring tasks? Maybe.

Of course there were no unauthorized people allowed to be on site. But how do you see, who actually belongs to the team, when you don't know them all by face? We didn't wear helmets inside the building anymore (although I guess we should have...) and we from the office wore regular clothes, no workwear. But the workmen knew the engineers by face, so no problem there. But as I mentioned earlier I didn't get the chance to be on site very often, so they didn't know me. At all. So everybody there gave me weird looks. "Who is this woman? Does she belong here? Should I tell her to leave? Naaah. Not in my job description." But the look was always given. But one day the office purchased a work jacket for me. Everybody got a new jacket and I was included. Yay!
Wow, they all would now know I really belonged there on site. So I thought and so it was. People greeted me all over the place! That was fun.
When the mall was almost finished, the workmen mostly disappeared and the saleswomen came. They decorated the shops and hung the clothes and all that. They ran around in itty-bitty clothes and lotsa hairspray. And they never even looked at me, because I wore a work jacket. :-D I guess they regarded me a low-level workperson, who they would never talk to. Didn't bother me, but who would have thought what an effect a bit of workwear can have!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rant about comments

No, not about you nice people who comment on my posts. I love you all, seriously. You read my boring stuff and even find a few nice words for me. How can I not love you? You're great! Anyway, enough about you.
Recently I read one of my blogs from my blogroll, cuz I like them all and read them frequently. I even comment. But only when I got something to say, because I don't wanna be the only one with the nonsense comment. Yeah, I think a lot about what other people see when they see my stuff. And personally I think everybody should care about the traces they leave on other people's life, how small they might be. Sooo, I read there about a daughter who has been sick. Like really sick, with hospital and all. Serious stuff. Every sane person would feel some compassion and a need to help in some way. Every sane person would know that a serious situation like this needs serious people to deal with it all. Well. The first comment was about how the commenter felt with the mother and sends her "a bubble of health" for her daughter. This really stunned me. How can someone react oh-so-cute to such a serious thing?! I can't even imagine one mother on Earth who would be cheered up by this crap! Every mother, who just poured out all her sorrow about her child's sickness would just feel to be treated like a fool by such stupid words. I could have puked.
Instead of starting a flamewar over there (which also wouldn't have cheered anyone up) with someone "who only meant well" I decided to rant about it here.
Dear stupid commenters, please stay away from me. Ah, you already do. Thank you, please keep it this way.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's inevitable

It's a bit late, but here it is: the inevitable description of my holidays.

A very good decision I had made, a very good decision. I had decided to stay away from my family and have my own Christmas. Every year I have the hardest time to find friends, who are free on Christmas. They are all with their families. It seems to me there is an unwritten law. "You cannot celebrate Christmas without your family." So either you go to your parents or you create your own family. Most of my friends are neither married nor parents themselves, so they have to spend Christmas with their parents. It's the law.
Being a rebel and a family-meeting-loather, I ignore this law. As a teenager I was always wondering about those hip young people in the daily soaps. They behaved like they didn't have parents. They never called or visited them and they never talked about them either. Of course, they spent Christmas (and Thanksgiving, since it's mostly American soaps) together with their friends. So if invented people can, I may just as well spent Christmas away from my family, too. So I did, like last year, only better. I had a very good time. Here it comes.
Christmas Eve was spent at my godmother's with her husband, her son and two friends. We went to a protestant church, where my godmother played the flute and I fell asleep during the (very long and very bad) sermon. The music was great though. Then we headed back to their place and ate a very delicious meal, one I had never eaten for Christmas. A variety of cheese and bread. It was great and very unusual for me, since usually a lot of meat and other high-calorie food is served. Then we headed all out in different directions for our "own" services (as in where my godmother didn't play the flute). I went to a catholic church, where I enjoyed the sermon very much, while the woman sitting next to me fell asleep repeatedly. After the service I gave the priest a little package of self-made sweets as a Christmas present. He was very, very surprised. Nobody, he told me, had ever done this before. Giving him a present after the Christmas-service, that is. I was a bit appalled that this man in his late fourties never received any gift from his parish for Christmas, but also very glad, because apparently I had made his day. He was smiling all over and almost hugging the little chocolate package. People, give your priests some small presents on Christmas! They make an effort for you, so you can give something back. Apart from just showing up, you know.
Christmas Day I went to my BestFriend's house and visited him and his family. We had a lot to eat and talked a lot about everything. A lot about him, though, as his family felt obliged to tell me all about his childhood. All the embarrassing stories. If my family would have done this to me, I would have thrown a fit or (more likely since I hate throwing fits) left the room not to be seen again this evening. But he took it all very relaxed. But then again, there was a difference how they did it. They talked with him about his childhood instead of just talking past him.
St. Stephan's Day I spent with very dear, but very weird friends of mine. We had a frugal meal, talked about men and my not-so-recent breakup and watched a movie together. Now I can recommend "Rembrandt" from 1936. A sad, but interesting movie indeed.
During those days full of talking with friends it dawned to me, what's the big difference between a Christmas with my family and a Christmas with my friends. It's the talking. We talked about various topics. Music, origami, people we had met, politics, art... It was never boring. Whenever one topic was finished, someone came up with a new one. It dawned to me that my family never talks with me like that. They interrogate. "How are your studies?" "When will you finish your studies?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" "In which field will you work later?" "How are your studies structured?" Never mind that I answered all these questions last year already. And in the year before. My answers never really change, it must be quite boring to listen to them. But my family always talks to me like this. Other topics don't exist. If I bring up another one, they aren't interested. I don't know why. It can't be interesting to ask me the same stuff every year and listen to the same answers...
Anyway, it was refreshing not to have this shite. Yay for good friends!

The days between Christmas and New Year's Eve were actually supposed to be holidays, too, but I had to work. A lot. So it was only two days before New Year's Eve that I finally escaped and met my mother for a little holiday around New Year's Eve in northern Bavaria.
There I gave her a selfmade cookbook, since she fell sick and has to stick to a certain diet. Being herself, she was overwhelmed and whined to me on the phone she would have to starve now as so many things are forbidden. So I wrote her a cookbook. To finish it on time, I had to even write on the train for 3 hours. Luckily I had a long trip... sadly I sat for three fucking hours next to two (2!) stinking people! Ugh! Icky! Anyway, she was very happy to receive such a personal gift. Made all the work worthwhile. And a lot of work it was indeed. I bought an empty book, crafted a nice cover and filled it with recipes. By hand. That hurt, I can tell you. I spent like 40 hours on it, writing with a pencil. Even now I still have a little dent in my index finger. Someone should give me a medal for being a great daughter. Just sayin'.
The holiday itself was also very nice. We didn't kill each other and this alone marks it as a success. But aside from that we just had a very good time. We got a tour through the small town, led by a reenact-nightguard. The nightguard was just a stand-in for the "real" nightguard and he was very shy. It was cute. He had the hardest time to look at all of the group and speak loudly. It was fucking cold, but these two hours were the only hours of our whole time in Bavaria when it didn't rain. Cuz of the rain on all other times, we spent most of our time inside and ate a lot of very good food. I was convinced I had gained weight, but when I had finally worked up the courage to step on a scale at home it told me I hadn't. In fact I had lost weight! How is that even possible? Life is weird.

I came back home a week ago and am unbelievingly busy and hating it. In less than a month, there will be tests and I spend my time studying and procrastinating. And going to work at my dull job. Ranting about my job will follow soon!