Monday, February 13, 2012

Rant about comments

No, not about you nice people who comment on my posts. I love you all, seriously. You read my boring stuff and even find a few nice words for me. How can I not love you? You're great! Anyway, enough about you.
Recently I read one of my blogs from my blogroll, cuz I like them all and read them frequently. I even comment. But only when I got something to say, because I don't wanna be the only one with the nonsense comment. Yeah, I think a lot about what other people see when they see my stuff. And personally I think everybody should care about the traces they leave on other people's life, how small they might be. Sooo, I read there about a daughter who has been sick. Like really sick, with hospital and all. Serious stuff. Every sane person would feel some compassion and a need to help in some way. Every sane person would know that a serious situation like this needs serious people to deal with it all. Well. The first comment was about how the commenter felt with the mother and sends her "a bubble of health" for her daughter. This really stunned me. How can someone react oh-so-cute to such a serious thing?! I can't even imagine one mother on Earth who would be cheered up by this crap! Every mother, who just poured out all her sorrow about her child's sickness would just feel to be treated like a fool by such stupid words. I could have puked.
Instead of starting a flamewar over there (which also wouldn't have cheered anyone up) with someone "who only meant well" I decided to rant about it here.
Dear stupid commenters, please stay away from me. Ah, you already do. Thank you, please keep it this way.