Sunday, March 04, 2012

Who would have thought...

I promised a rant about work and here it is. Yay.

Sooo, here's the story. I was short on money (being a student and all, you know), so I got me a job. This was over nine months ago, the contract was supposed to end by the end of February, so I don't have this job anymore, which is fine by me, cuz: It was a dull job. A very dull job. God, I never imagined the job being so dull.
Sure, I'll miss the money, but since I gotsta work on my bachelor thesis from now on, I wouldn't have time to work anyway, so what.
I worked in a civil-engineer-office, just some steps away from the actual site. It was going to be a mall looking like this:

Surprise! It now IS a mall!

So quite an interesting site, because there were loads of stuff going on. Like, manymany workmen running about and working. Sadly, I wasn't often there. Mostly I had to stay in the office and do the most boring things ever invented. Sorting papers and plans and then filing them. Oh, I also had to label and catalogue the papers. Sometimes I did some search on the web for the engineers and made an highly interesting Excel chart. Veeery boring. I could hardly motivate myself to get out of bed on the work-mornings. Not that it would be any different on free days... ahem... but I really dreaded going to work. What I feared most is, that could get used to the dumbness of my tasks. That I could feel okay with it. What kind of person would that make me? This really scared the shit out of me. Thank God I never got used to it, just more pissed off at it all.
Not only was the work boring, I was also always surrounded by smoke. A colleague smoked cigarillos like non-stop. In the office. I hated it. The smoke gave me persistent headaches and also made me stink all over. After work I would come home and first thing take a shower and wash my hair to get rid of that stench. Ugh. Don't want to know how much poison I inhaled during work.

But there were better days! Sometimes I got something good to do. Something that involves running around on site! Okay, the actual task was usually quite shite anyway, but I was allowed to waste time on site for watching the construction workers do their thing. This was really interesting and it's fun to just stand there and watch. And learn a lot in the process, of course. Or maybe I was just dreading going back to the office, back to my boring tasks? Maybe.

Of course there were no unauthorized people allowed to be on site. But how do you see, who actually belongs to the team, when you don't know them all by face? We didn't wear helmets inside the building anymore (although I guess we should have...) and we from the office wore regular clothes, no workwear. But the workmen knew the engineers by face, so no problem there. But as I mentioned earlier I didn't get the chance to be on site very often, so they didn't know me. At all. So everybody there gave me weird looks. "Who is this woman? Does she belong here? Should I tell her to leave? Naaah. Not in my job description." But the look was always given. But one day the office purchased a work jacket for me. Everybody got a new jacket and I was included. Yay!
Wow, they all would now know I really belonged there on site. So I thought and so it was. People greeted me all over the place! That was fun.
When the mall was almost finished, the workmen mostly disappeared and the saleswomen came. They decorated the shops and hung the clothes and all that. They ran around in itty-bitty clothes and lotsa hairspray. And they never even looked at me, because I wore a work jacket. :-D I guess they regarded me a low-level workperson, who they would never talk to. Didn't bother me, but who would have thought what an effect a bit of workwear can have!


  1. "I could hardly motivate myself to get out of bed on the work-mornings"

    Masturbate...nap for 30 more minutes and then jump into your day with a smirk ;)

  2. @Chris
    Waaah, I laughed so hard! Is that how you do it? :-D
    But, for me, anything to do with sex, doesn't belong in the morning at all. Feels wrong.

  3. what's going on with the comments here - nothing to do with wearing working jackets on building sites! :)

  4. @Francesca
    Well, I can't force Chris to read the whole thing, can I? ;-)
    Glad to see you here, though. :-)

  5. The work-site sounded fun! Don't envy you your desk job though. :p

  6. @Vid
    Well, it's over. Now I just have to sort out my memories. :-P