Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I hate this!

So they changed the actual topic of my bachelor thesis. Because they cannot give me data to work with. Which is probably because they didn't really work on it. Or so it seems to me. Especially after numerous questions of mine were answered with "Oh, I hadn't thought about that." I mean, WTF. What is this? A university? Damn.

So I have to re-adjust to the new topic and hand my thesis in next week. WHAT? Next week already? Yes, appearantly.

Right now I only got so much as a glimpse of what to do. I'm reading up on the new thing and all, but in my head it isn't really forming into a new way of properly writing my thesis.

Guess, it's time to scratch the skin off my face. With a spoon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oh the joy!

My beloved flatmate, about whom I vented before already right here, will move out! To the end of April at the latest! I know it's mean, but I'm bouncing with joy!

When she moved in here, we were really getting along. I liked her. A lot. She's one of those persons who shine when they smile. Makes you shine a little, too.

But a lot changed since then.
She's lost all her interest in her flatmates. It's not just me, no no. In the last 10 months she mostly confined herself to her room. We didn't meet her for weeks. She slept in the morning, was awake at night and gone most of the day. She stopped doing her share in cleaning our flat. When we tried to approach her, we were rebuffed. Roughly. Judging from the bottles, which appeared in our kitchen to be brought to the bottle bank, she drank a lot. Like, really a lot. I would be dead by now, I think. Or at least vomitting all day. Which would prevent me from drinking even more. Not in her case, seems she's well trained. Actually it's not even funny anymore. Her drinking is part of the reason why we're happy she'll leave. Her character changed a lot. I lived with her for over four years now and I can see how much she's changed. My other flatmate cannot judge, since she doesn't know her that long, but I can, cuz I do. She became grouchy, unfriendly, uncaring and even distrustful of us. Which is ridiculous, because we never did anything to her. She's always ready for a fight, it seems. Not even about something. It really seems she just wants to fight and when we react all calmly she acts discouraged and leaves the room. It's easy to write all these changes off to the drinking and we don't want to do that. It seems like condemning her. But what to do?

Now that it's certain she'll move out, she's already trying to wriggle out of all her responsibilities towards us. She didn't pay her full rent and she's refusing to repaint her room. Thank God we have a deposit from her, which will cover everything. Hopefully it'll cover everything.

But I started off being all happy! The reason not only being her leaving. No, there's more: We already have a new girl! She's really nice! We talked a lot with her and she seems to have the same idea of living together as we do.
We so hope for a new beginning! Makes you all weary having a bad atmosphere at home.

Fingers crossed! All's gonna be better!