Sunday, June 24, 2012


This night I dreamt the greatest dream evar!

I dreamt, I was on vacation somewhere in Germany with lots of nature around. We had rented a little holiday home there. We, that is the Auction Winner and I. (All this by itself is pretty great to start the dream off with.)
We were there at Easter and some locals told us, they had a legend for the children there. The Easterman would come and take them for a trip. Nobody knows what happens on this trip, but it's something great! Not scary at all. Well, you might be scared of the Easterman, of course. Him being the legend-character and all. But sadly, children today don't believe in him anymore, so he doesn't come to get them anymore.
The Auction Winner didn't believe the story. He's very mature, you see. (No, he isn't.)
But I believed! I'm a believer!
I sat on the front porch the whole evening wishing for the Easterman to come and get me. I was so hoping, he would come even though I'm not a child anymore and not a local. I was sitting there as it got dark and still wishing and hoping. The Auction Winner was inside all this time and probably thought I'm so weird. I was wishing for it like praying... just directing my thoughts to the Easterman.
And he came! He really came!
He came to get me! He looked like a mix between a man and an animal, a racoon maybe. (Racoons are definitely not local.) And he was very kind and told me, he was glad, I believed in him and wanted him to come. He was very sad, that children nowadays don't believe in him any longer. And when they don't believe, he can't come to them.
He took me with him. I don't remember everything from our trip together anymore and what I remember is hard to describe with words. We ran through the woods. It was wet and I got wet all over and froze a lot. But it was the greatest! I wasn't just in the wild, I experienced nature. We ran and I was just part of it, of nature itself. A wonderful experience!
He brought me back home, too. I was so happy, we had made the trip!

We were there the next year, too. Of course we were! And again I was sitting on the front porch the whole evening wishing for the Easterman to come and get me. I hoped nothing happened to him, so he could still come. I mean, a lot can happen in one year. You never know.
It got dark and he still hadn't been there. It was really late, but he still wasn't there. I was almost losing hope, when another creature came. It seemed to crawl on the floor and just peeked over the edge of the porch. It was wearing a black cloth like a mask. When I was looking at it, it stood up and was as tall as a human. It removed the cloth and looked like a mix between a woman and a mouse or something like that. But unlike the Easterman, who had fur on his face, she had a very even face without any hair. She said, the Easterman had sent her to get me. He couldn't come himself, but she would bring me to him. She asked me, if I was the right person. I told her, of course I was!
Off we went. We walked through the forest and all the animals weren't afraid of me. I could almost touch them. We met the animal-relatives of the Easterman, they lived in the trees. They were all looking curiously at me. Someone joined us on our way to the Easterman, a boy, but not a real boy. Something legendary must have been about him, too. I don't remember him well, though. The way was long and took quite a while.
I woke up, before we could meet the Easterman.

I spent at least an hour in bed trying to fall asleep again. But I couldn't.

It was the greatest dream ever! I want to go on that trip again!


  1. "trying to fall asleep again. But I couldn't"

    I haven't had a dream that made me want to do that in a long long time:(

    I hope you see him again :)

    1. I hope so, too. But what did I learn from the dream? Hoping and wishing makes it come true! I'll keep on doing that!

  2. i am completely addicted to ur blog!

    1. Ow, I must write more so you don't die from deprivation. :-)