Friday, August 31, 2012


I once had a friend (a long, long time ago), who wrote in our yearbook his favourite colours would be multi and black. He was a nice guy, who sadly wanted to draw a line after school and leave everything and everyone behind. So I never saw him again. Well, I guess friendships are multicolour. You just don't look for a moment and whosh! the colour changed and everything is different.

Life itself is multicolour. Which is good, because everything staying one way always is just boring. For a while this might be comforting, but it can become a cage. And then you just want to break out. Even if it means to destroy everything you've lived for so far.

Multicolour can be very annoying. In furniture shops there are sometimes arrangements shown for children's rooms. In bright multicolour. Even as a child, I've disliked those. How can someone live in a room that hurts the eyes after five minutes already? Unimaginable.

Moods are also multicolour. You can enter a room full of people and feel the atmosphere, but the moods of the people will be all different and individual. This is what makes conversations so difficult, in my opinion. I say something which I mean all nice and shiny and the other person receives it as totally mean. Always a mystery for me.

This post is the last one in this week of colours. Francesca posted her thoughts and pictures to it here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ugh. Green. I hate green. Give me something great for my birthday and if it's green, I'll hate it. I might even be sad, because the gift itself can be great, but this icky colour totally ruins it for me.

When I was little, one wall in our living room was painted green. Not a light green, like leaves. Nooo, barf-green. Damn, that was ugly! In the early eighties there must have been a trend to paint one wall in your living room differently from the other three. My father chose this barf-green. Actually, he didn't like it either, but it wasn't that bad for him. So he only changed it after the West came. We have lots of photos of this room. Ew.

Green is okay in trees and gras and frogs. But on any other stuff it's blergh.

Here in the most beautiful city in the world, I am glad to have lots of green around me. Nearby is one of the rivers, where I like to go walking. Nearby in the other direction is a nice park. With wild strawberries.
Aaaand on my windowsill sit three plants. But not because they are green. It's because they bloom in beautiful blue bellflowers.

This post is also a part of the week of colours, because it's still going on! Go and look at Francesca's Green and her wonderful pictures!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Red. Red seems to be the colour that cannot decide what it wants to be when it grows up. I mean, look! It's associated with so many things! And those things don't even have a lot in common. In my opinion anyway.


Possibly a shitload of stuff more that I can't think of right now.

I do have my problems with these things. Does love even have a colour? And if it does, is it red? Red roses and all that? Well, okay. If you think so.

A few years ago I really didn't like red all that much. I think, I had a problem with the association femininity. I never wanted to be a girl, so looking girly or liking girly stuff was right out. Girls were those boring beings in school, who never ran across the schoolyard screaming while being a superhero and saving the world. They played Chinese jump rope (God, I just found this word online! WTF! Didn't even know there was something Chinese about it!) and other dumb, boring games. The boys in the meantime were allowed to get dirty all over and play the most amazing games evar! I wanted to be a boy. Obviously they had the better deal in life. So I always played with the boys, looked down on the girly girls and stupidly thought things would stay that way. Noooo, life is always in motion and nothing ever stays the way it is. The boys then reached an age, where playing with girls was totally uncool and out I was. So I had no one to play with. Of course I still didn't like the girls and of course they knew this and didn't like me. Troublesome.

But now I'm very grown-up, I guess. I'm a woman and I'm pretty okay with it. I'm not that sure anymore men have the better deal in life. It's just different for them.
My room is actually decorated in red and white and I love my room. My room looks really girly. Some years ago this would have been unthinkable. But now it just is this way and I feel really good.
I even own some red clothes now.

This post is also a part of the week of colours. Check out Francesca's Red and follow aaaall the links in the comments!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Blue is my favourite colour. According to Wikipedia it’s the colour most people choose as their favourite colour. Maybe because it’s the colour of the sky.

I love to lie on my back and look into the sky. I have the feeling the longer you look the bigger the sky gets. Somehow this makes your heart get bigger, too. The older I become, the more my eyes hurt when I look at the sky. Seems I was made to live in the dark and this becomes more prominent as I’m getting older.
As a child looking into the sky didn’t hurt my eyes. But then again… I spent countless minutes looking straight at the sun with my eyes wide open, waiting for everything to turn orange and then yellow until my whole head seemed to be filled with light. Today I know good children don’t look directly into the sun as it’s bad for the eyes. It seems, I wasn’t a good child then.

Well, how can anyone be good without instructions? I was often scolded and beaten for being so “insolent”. It’s really tiring to get beaten and yelled at a lot, so one day I neared my father, who was sitting on the couch (as usual) and told him, I wanted to ask him something and begged him not to get angry at me. I asked him “What does “insolent” actually mean? Why do you all get angry at me? What did I do then?” He seemed very surprised. He couldn’t give me an answer though. I didn’t understand, what I did always wrong and he couldn’t explain it to me. Of course this talk didn’t help to improve the situation. I was 5.

I still like blue. Especially in the sky and blue flowers. But I came to like red a lot, too. More about red tomorrow.

This post is part of a week of colours. The idea came from Francesca. It's a great idea and it brought me back into the game!