Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ugh. Green. I hate green. Give me something great for my birthday and if it's green, I'll hate it. I might even be sad, because the gift itself can be great, but this icky colour totally ruins it for me.

When I was little, one wall in our living room was painted green. Not a light green, like leaves. Nooo, barf-green. Damn, that was ugly! In the early eighties there must have been a trend to paint one wall in your living room differently from the other three. My father chose this barf-green. Actually, he didn't like it either, but it wasn't that bad for him. So he only changed it after the West came. We have lots of photos of this room. Ew.

Green is okay in trees and gras and frogs. But on any other stuff it's blergh.

Here in the most beautiful city in the world, I am glad to have lots of green around me. Nearby is one of the rivers, where I like to go walking. Nearby in the other direction is a nice park. With wild strawberries.
Aaaand on my windowsill sit three plants. But not because they are green. It's because they bloom in beautiful blue bellflowers.

This post is also a part of the week of colours, because it's still going on! Go and look at Francesca's Green and her wonderful pictures!


  1. Green does nothing for me. I love nature and don't dislike the color I just don't own anything green. My Computer is green glowing but that's it.

    1. That's right. Green should stay in nature and never ever leave it to appear on t-shirts or cars. :)

  2. I'm with you on barf-green! :) But I do have a green room: our bathroom (tiny, with very little wall surface that isn't tiled or covered by mirror etc) which I painted avocado green, and I love it!

  3. I grew up in Methodist parsonages---the home owned by the church and provided for the minister and family. A common color in almost every house was green, esp. green carpet. It was generally thought that green went with everything. I swore when I got my own home I'd never have green in it.
    It wasn't until this little home came along that I incorporated green. I'm 58, so I've been out of parsonages for a long time and this is my 5th home not counting a small cabin and a park trailer at a campground (looks like a mini-house). The green is a a tiny part of a print in the bedroom's wallpaper. It is also makes up the wall color in two tones of the bathroom--the colors are those characteristic of craftsmen style homes which this is. They are soothing--in fact it is the prettiest room in the house!
    But the rest of the house stays clear of green except for several plants. I like it all around me outside though!

    1. Once your childhood contained lot of green, you cannot stand it for a great part of your adulthood. :-)
      Green carpet... why not sow grass? At least it would be the real thing. ;-)