Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Welcome to the club!

Yes, yes, I'm still alive. My job didn't kill me. Yet. But it steadily eats up my life. I didn't tell you guys, but I drive three hours a day to my workplace. Which makes me unable to have a life during the week. This is seriously gnawing at me. I would like to be able to do sports, meet the Auction Winner or just watch a whole movie, but I can't. Two hours at home before having to go to sleep to be able to give it all the next day too just isn't enough time. Meh.

My boss is very arrogant and tests me all the time in all the different ways he can think of. I'm neither scared of the tests nor of him, but all my colleagues are. For some reason, that I don't wanna know, they are all scared shitless of him. All of them. Even the colleagues, who are older than him.
I don't like the work atmosphere there. It's like this constant pressure in the air, mixed with fear. It gets a bit better as soon as the boss leaves for some appointment, but it's never really a nice atmosphere.

Aaah, I guess, I could say I really don't like it there.

What I do like is my job. I like the tasks they give me, even if they are stressful sometimes. I like what I learn and I can see that I've already learned a lot. They will make me a good engineer there.
But I'm searching for a new job within my city. Hopefully I'll find one. Because I just don't know, how long I can stand working there.

Right now I'm sick (the usual autumn-sickness that everybody gets, no worries), so I have some time at home. Here I can think it all over and I realize how hard it is to motivate myself for my job. Ugh. It doesn't have to be this way, does it?

This is kind of a whiny post, sorry. I actually have funny things and nice things happen to me, but it's all overshadowed right now.