Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm having a bit too much time on my hands and therefore spend a lot of my time reading. What book, do you ask? No book most of the time, sorry. (Though I almost finished The Alternative in Eastern Europe, yay!) But most of the time right now it's a blog. A nice one. The author lives a completely different life from mine and that's what I enjoy so much about blogs: Being able to get a glimpse of a life I'll never have. Often enough because I wouldn't enjoy it for more than a week...

Anyhow. So I came across this post of hers about potatoes. Now first off with you reading about her poisoning everyone near her with the poisonous bits of potatoes. It's funny. Really.
Then return here. At once!

After reading her post I remembered a joke my colleagues at my previous job made. We used to eat breakfast together and one of the men (I was the only woman there) is the very proud father of three very loud and very uneducated children and so he told us, what he did with his lovely angels on Sunday.
"We went out to the fields and dug up potatoes that were left behind after harvesting. The kids had a ball! We took a lot potatoes home, peeled them and the kiddies were so exited about it all, they even ate bits of them raw! The rest we cooked and ate and then they fell into their beds. Sadly, I had to leave for work today before they were awake."
Another guy, who knows everything about nature and wildlife what with him being a huntsman as a hobby and all:
"You do know that raw potatoes are poisonous, do you?"
"What? No! They're not!"
"Yes, they are. And you do know, that the green parts and the eyes are poisonous, too, right? The poison is called solanine."
"All of the children ate the green parts and the eyes, too."
(He was getting nervous, poor him.)
"Well, maybe you should call home then."
(Heartily laughing in which everybody joined)
"Look at them laughing! Now that's what I call worry for my kids!"

After the laughing subsided, he was then seriously told off for being so careless with his children. We all doubted, he really poisoned them as it's not all that poisonous, but then again we couldn't resist teasing him: "But they are still so little and have therefore lower resistance... you should call home, really."

He did call home later. They were all fine.

Gotta love construction site humour!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Creepy life

Creepy things keep happening to me!

I was standing at the tram station in the fucking rain. Hidden in my jacket, the hood over my head, hands in pockets and probably mumbling something about the shite rain. (It rains a lot around here. Most of the time I don't care, but sometimes I hate it.) Well, so I stood there waiting for the tram. Some guy, possibly in his late forties, carrying shopping bags walked by and stared at me. I thought "WTF, do I have something in my face?" He turns away and walks by. "Aaah, nothing wrong with my face." But my relief came to early. The guy turned back to me and STARED at me while walking about 50 metres off. I was shocked, then angry and said in his direction he should stop staring. Don't know if he heard me. He was now about 50 metres away and I settled back to waiting in the (fucking) rain. When I felt being watched! The freak actually stood there just staring at me again! WTF! Since I'm not all for shouting at freaks all over the place, I showed him the finger. I thought this would show him that his looks are not welcome. But it made him walk back to me! Well... might as well use this. I told him in my angry voice that it's impolite to stare at people and he should fucking stop! He was kinda flabberghasted and said "But you just called me over".

I showed him the finger and in his world that meant he was being called! O.O

But he somehow realized neither he nor his looks were welcome, so he trotted off.

This happened in the dark, but it was still early enough for loads of people to be outside waiting for the tram. Would that have happened in the middle of the night with me being alone at the station, I would have been scared shitless!

Why are all these messed-up people allowed to walk around freely and scare innocent women who were just waiting for the tram?!

On a side note: I got rid of my job! Or they got rid of me. However, I'm free again. Actually, a little too free, but I won't complain now.