Friday, January 04, 2013


I'm back!
And I needed a change around here, couldn't stand the strawberries anymore. Damn, I can't even eat strawberries! But I still like them... Anyway, I can't eat grass either and still it's the new background. You can't base all your preferences on if it's edible or not. For example I luuurve the Auction Winner's taste, but he stubbornly resists being eaten. And bitten. Men are so whiny. Ts.

Life was so eventful, I had a lot to work on. Plus my dear laptop kinda died on me and needed to be revived by my dear Auction Winner, which took weeks. I realized how much more stuff I get done without Internet. Mostly reading. That's great, but still... I like the Internet and even need it for some things, so I'm really glad to be back.
Sooo, what was so eventful? Well, I got a new job! I'm very happy with it and pray they are as happy with me, so they'll keep me. The tasks are cool, the colleagues are nice as are the bosses. The money is also better than in the previous job. I'm still getting used to it all and I guess this is why I'm having strange, exhausting dreams every night. Every damn night. I wake up multiple times during the night being totally exhausted from running around frantically in my dreams. Sometimes I even live full lives! With worries and all. It ages me, I'm sure. I want this to stop, to get me down from all this being oh-so-alert all the freaking time. So today, after work I did a lot for myself. I went to the cinema and then took a looong bath. Followed by sitting in bed and blogging. I already feel a lot more relaxed. Let's hope the best for the night.

I watched the last Twilight movie tonight and I really enjoyed it. I know, I know... "Eeeew, Twilight". All I can say is haters gonna hate and I can't take care of everyone's feelings. I liked that movie. I like the books. They're not great literature, but I still like them. They're also great for reading up on some English for everyday life, since the characters speak in normal dialogues and the descriptions are about people and things like nature and feelings, so it's easy to understand and easy to put to use. An easy read. I've had my problems understanding Narnia, because some sentences and descriptions were just lost to me. No dictionary could help me and damn! people just don't speak that way. I much rather learn how to speak naturally.
Whatever. The movie.
I really liked it. I had waited until the crowds of teenies had all seen the movie, so I was spared from the constant squealing. But the cinema was as disgusting as ever. My shoes actually stuck to the floor in front of my chair and it took some force to rip them off. Ew. That's what I just paid 9 Euros for?! It's pure insolence! I wouldn't go to this cinema anymore, if the other cinemas weren't just as disgusting as this one. It's the same in every city. Great. Just. Fucking. Great.
The movie! It's a weird thing with adaptions from a book that you've read. You go there and you already know all the story. You want to enjoy what you've already enjoyed. That's kind of a weird motive, if you ask me. While watching, you like everything that's according to the book. You nod and think to yourself "that's just like the book". When something was left out, you miss it and feel deprived. When something is actually changed, you even are enraged. "That's not like the book at all!" you scream in your head. Instead of being happy to be given a new turn to a loved story. But no, we all want, what we already know. Boring much?
The book had been pretty long and some things were much to read and imagine, but wouldn't have been much to see. So some things needed to be changed and I think it was well done. But when the actual showdown of the movie came, I was frozen in my seat. I was locked in place there, staring at the screen (because that's what I was there for, wasn't I?) and screaming in my head. "That's not like the book at all! That's different! That's so different! What the fuck is this! Main characters are dying! There is a huge fight going on! The book was totally pacifistic and this is not like the book at all!"
Then it was revealed that it was just a vision. A could be. A possibility not come true. I thawed out and my hands and arms felt tingly. A rush of adrenaline or something. Lately I react so physically to everything. A bit of smoke in the air and I already cough out bits of my lung. A bit of stress and I sleep like shit. A bit of surprise in a movie and my pulse is racing. Mostly I'm annoyed to be so sensitive to downright everything, but there I loved it! So different from what I expected and so much better than the book. It was great.

So is being back. I missed you all!


  1. Hello, Twilight fan! :D
    I actually really liked the books. I just had a problem with the movie because I imagined Hayden Christensen playing Edward and I don't like Robert Pattinson. mehh.

    And oooh new background!

    1. Did you read them in English?

      Yeah, Pattinson isn't really good-looking. Though I didn't have someone else in mind, I did imagine Edward more...well... beautiful. Ah, it's just a movie. They can all look how they want. My imagination rules it all out anyway.

  2. best buddy and secret admirer8 January 2013 at 13:15

    mhm..its not grass! its wheat..and everything is small portions :D..
    well i don't get the vampire hype, but if you truly want to see a good movie, a current one...check on "cloud atlas". peoples could even learn things from it!
    apparently "Life Of Pi" is good as well, but i haven't seen it see for yourself!
    but be aware, it might change your opinion on twilight :)

    1. I disagree. It's not wheat. Wheat's heads are a lot thicker.

      Oh my. I don't go to the cinema that often, but if you insist I might go and watch your recommendations.

      Secret admirer? You're not secret. ^^

  3. i was forced by parental duty to read the saga - before my boys could read it when it come out (this is the story I like to tell, in truth i didn't really need to read the WHOLE series, but i did, guess why?), but the movies don't interest me much, and now that i know that they killed a main character (so not to have to go on with the sequel, presumably) i'm even less interested.

    1. Ah, I see. It's just a cover story. :-D

      I think you might have skipped this part of my post: "Then it was revealed that it was just a vision. A could be. A possibility not come true." Spoiler: Nobody dies, so no worries. :-)

      There are people in this world who insist to never watch a adaption from a book. Spoils their own pictures of it all.