Wednesday, January 09, 2013


A few gems from the training course at work that I went through yesterday and today and have to endure on Friday, too.

Boss: "So, if you don't get along with your direct superior, what do you do?"
Random dude: "I'll turn to the department chief."
Boss: "Right! And what do you do, if you don't get along with the department chief?"
Random dude: "I'll turn to the boss, to you."
Boss: "Right. And what do you do, if you don't get along with me?"
Random dude: "I'll quit my job."
Boss: "Right."

Work is so much fun. If you get along with your boss.

Another dude was giving us a shit presentation, which aimed to teach us how to use a certain software. So he opened this window with a huge map and all kinds of things and says:
"Well, this is huge and pretty complicated. Sadly, you can't type in here, what you are searching for."
Audience: "Yes, you can!"
"No, you can't!"
Audience: "Yes, you can! Click Navigation. Navigation! Left. Left. Left. Down. Further down. Yes, there! Click it!"

Training courses are not only for the audience. Everybody can benefit!

Only Friday left to endure, only Friday...


  1. The dude giving the presentation musta felt kinda dumb to get educated during his own presentation. Learning is always done before teaching others though ;)

    1. He didn't seem very ashamed though. Maybe he was just glad to finally know how the damned thing works. :-D

  2. i'm surprised you get training in what seems to me common sense - or perhaps the younger generations need to learn how a hierarchy works? :)

    1. Seems people just turned with their questions to whoever and it caused chaos. And I'd say most of them were older than you.