Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Earrings and stubbornness

When I was little, I stayed over at my grandparents a lot during summer. I loved these times. My grandma and me played shop countless times, where I was the the shopkeeper and she came by and bought all kinds of things from me. Building bricks starred as everything. She payed with imaginary money.
I also strayed around their beautiful garden and ate strawberries, blueberries and redcurrants. They also had loads of blackcurrants, but I didn't eat them, because my grandma used them to produce the bestest marmalade of the planet.
My grandma is also a very dominant person and always tried to make me do stuff I didn't want to do. Like eating up. Or washing my hands.
One day she wanted me to get my earlobes pierced, so I could wear earrings. I've known about this topic, because my mother had also been pressing me about this. But I just wasn't the girliest girl, you know? I was known for running with the boys. Earrings weren't appealing to me at all. I just didn't understand why they all wanted me to have these things. So I said no. My grandma asked again. I said no again. She asked again. She asked for days on end. I felt she wouldn't stop, if I didn't give in. So I said yes.
She took me to a shop, where some dude pierced my earlobes. It didn't hurt. It wasn't even scary. Same dude explained to my grandma that I wouldn't be able to wear the wonderful gold earrings she bought (months ago btw), because for like two weeks I would have to wear some others, that wouldn't grow in and prevent infection and whatnot. She was disappointed, but I didn't really care. Okay, I would wear earrings now. Why would I care? I couldn't even see the damned things!
I returned to my parents. My mother was glad about the earrings. My grandmother had achieved what she couldn't: She had talked me into this.
Some time later, maybe a week or so, my parents exchanged the special earrings for the gold ones my grandma had bought. I disagreed, saying the time wasn't up, but they exchanged them anyway. Because grandma wanted me to use the gold earring she bought and gold is the best thing anyway and what did the shop-dude know. Hold still.
Some days later my ears hurt. A lot. I told this my parents and they concluded after looking that the earring on the right side had grown in and the one on the left side almost had. So they decided to take them out. Left side wasn't so bad, I don't even remember. Right side I do remember. My parents had to hold me while they ripped it out. I screamed. It hurt a lot. I don't remember the pain exactly, but I remember struggling during it and crying and sobbing afterwards. I cried to my mother why they all did this to me. She defended themselves that it was my decision to have earrings. But I only did it, because grandma talked me into it, I cried. You should have just said no, my mother said. But grandma wouldn't stop, so I said yes, I cried even more. She talked me into this, I didn't want this, I clarified. My mother answered before she stood up and left me alone: Then never let anyone talk you into anything ever again!
And that's how I became this stubborn person that I am now.
Thank you, grandma!


  1. Wow! A life lesson...with some pain :(
    Are your ears pierced now?

    1. Nope. I don't wear earings. Still don't really see the point. ^^

      Seems like life lessons are always mixed with some pain, aren't they. Maybe this is what makes them lessons we do remember for a looong time.