Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hard to breathe

God, I'm furious!

Since December we've had problems with our heating system and it sucks to have that during winter. We told our apartment management and they sent a mechanic to look at it. The mechanic then proceeded to build in something extra, some special part that's supposed to make everything just great. Well... it did the opposite.
The problems grew so severe that we told the management we wouldn't be paying the full rent until it's all repaired.
Sadly, it's now April and the damned thing still doesn't work the way God intended. Let me spare you the number of letters, calls and mechanics.
Maybe because of this or whatever my flatmate has been pretty bitchy for the last three months, but since I'm such a tolerant person I ignored that. Okay. I'm not a tolerant person, I'm just someone who hates to be bothered by crap like bitchiness.

So I'm actually in a constant state of pissed-off-ness and here it comes.

My flatmate, who pays the rent for all of us after we paid our parts to her, told me yesterday she paid the whole rent.
What? Why? Well, because it's obviously not helping thing that we withheld a part of it. So she decided we stop doing that.
What? She? Shouldn't WE decide? Well, yes, she should have talked with us, but well, she didn't.
WTF? Why? Well, she doesn't have an answer to that and could I leave her room now.
She didn't want to talk about it. At all. I figured yelling wouldn't do much good, so I walked away. Calmly. Fuming.
How dare she making decisions on her own about MY money!

I mean, I trusted her so much I even gave her my money. I trusted she would consult me about the course my money would take. That trust is totally gone.

I wonder how to go on from here...


  1. the good thing about renting is that when something is broken, the owner fixes it, and you're spared the trouble and the expense. when that doesn't happen, the best thing usually is to look for a new house, and not put up with the aggravation.
    good luck!

    1. Next week someone will come and hopefully do the right thing...
      The trust-issue with my flatmate annoys me a lot more, though.