Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The small things

Due to work I hardly see my beautiful city nowadays. That's sad. Especially as spring seems to finally, finally have sprung and one could go places and stuff.

But no. Work it is.

Time to be happy about the small things!

What made me really happy today were my blue bell flowers-plants. They're not real bell flowers, at least I will not call them that until they have the actual bell flowers. I have three. One is two years old and the others are only one year old. The older one is a huge bush, while the young ones stay small and somehow crippled. I don't know what's going on. Maybe bullying?

Anyway. So today I checked and found tiny buds. Bell flower buds. Yay!
At least four of them. Double-yay!

Only on the older one though.
I'm so looking forward to having my windowsill full of blue bell flowers. Might even post a pic then.

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  1. Flowers...
    I really do wanna be able to appreciate them...I'm just too ...(???)...I like plants though. I talk to mine :)