Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Spring, autumn, then what?

So spring seemed to finally have sprung, but that was only for a few days. To fool us humans. I even had taken my bike out the basement thinking I'd be all sportive and go to work by bike. I did that all for two days in a row, because what followed was autumn. Or the rainy season, as Akane calls it. Which is just about the same, I think.

God, it started gushing down. And getting cold. Dark, cold, rainy. Autumn. I even got the autumnal cold everyone is required to get. Everyone gets this, right? Right?

Anyway. It rained and rained and stormed. Quite great actually as long as you don't have to be out there. Or if you're properly dressed and can enjoy it. Which I did the other day. I got my gumboots and umbrella and headed for the river just down the street.
That's how it looked. Bombsite really. Muddy mess. Great fun with gumboots!

The river was quite high already, so I tried to make a picture of that.
Okay. So much for my picture-taking-skills. But let me assure you. There was just one centimeter left until flooding the freshly laid stone-riverbank.
Was highly entertaining. Also had those gumboots for a good few months now and finally had found a moment to use them. Makes for a pretty happy me.
But this is what was the next day.

Woah! This is where I walked, people. Just the day before. Crazy.
And the river went even higher.

Okay. It's not only my bad skills, but also my camera is shite.  But you get the idea. My. Goodness.
The last time it was that bad was 6 years ago.  I was on crutches at the time and guess what? It was autumn.

Rainy season indeed.

The water is now receding, leaving even more of a muddy mess behind. Wonder how long it'll take for grass to grow... Hopefully not too long. I want my riverbank back! 

So we had a few days spring, about two weeks or so autumn and now it all looks like summer? I don't trust it.


  1. It's been raining all day over here and I love it...get it in and get it out before my big BBQ :)

    1. One woman even died in my town. She went by bike on a street that was blocked by the police because of the flood. Maybe she went there every day for the last 30 years and some roadsigns weren't to hold her back. But not even all that water seemed like a big hint for her. She fell from her bike, then into the river and drowned.
      Killed by stupidity and stubbornness.

  2. That's a hefty amount of rain. It's been since 1994/5 since I have seen any major flooding about about since 2004 since anything significant. I hope this autumn we get some much needed rain. What kind of gumboots ya got?

    1. I got myself gumboots off The gumboots in town were ridiculously overprized. So I have cheapo ones with a very nice pebbles pattern.

      The water is gone by now but the stench of algae and mud still remains. Though the gras is growing now.