Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wrong memories

Everybody forgets things. This can be very frustrating. Mostly for others.

Last Friday, I went to a small, private movie-event. A friend of mine hosts this small event at her house every  few months. Mostly you get to meet the same people there every time. Which can be nice. Or not.

There always comes a married couple, who are kinda funny. The woman can't shut up during the movie and gives a running commentary in the exciting (for her) scenes: "Ooooh-oh! Oh! Oh no! No! Oh. Whew." Mostly that's very funny, because she gets excited at the most non-exciting scenes.
Her husband is nice, but weird. How's he weird? Well, it was maybe two or three years ago that my godmother introduced me to him "This is Michelle" and SINCE THEN he has been calling me Nicole! Pisses me off, actually. Though it is quite comical. So this time he greeted me, then squinted at me and said: "You're Nicole, right?" My smile just fell off my face. I remembered spending the last four previous meetings telling him how I'm Michelle and how weird and so very funny (haha) it is that he always remembers me as Nicole. Not this time, I thought. Explaining and correcting obviously don't do any good here. So I said: "No, I'm not Nicole, but we might as well leave it at that. I have been telling you my name over and over and now I don't want anymore. Call me Nicole, I don't care." I was just so bored. I felt like being in a infinite loop, having the same conversation every time I meet him. He didn't like that: "I can't help it. I once stored this memory wrong, it's not that bad, is it." But nobody ever introduced me to him as Nicole, so where does he even get the idea?!
I just found it too time-wasting to talk about my name again, when I can be sure he'll forget it. That in turn frustrated him a lot.
But I think it's right to refuse boring conversations, when I'm not getting paid to converse. I'm mortal. I can't spend my limited time with stuff that peels my skin off from boredom.

Nicole. Can you believe it?!


  1. Oh man dontcha hate that! I often get mistaken for Ruby or Lucy and the first time of correcting them it's funny. But after that it does get annoying, especially when you meet the person several times thereafter. The one that really irks me is when I introduce myself as "Susie" and people decide to give me another name like Susan or Sue. -_-

    1. So it happens to other people, too! I'm not the only one that unlucky, thank God!
      How come these people aren't even ashamed of themselves, but even think it's funny? Hello, you just messed up my name and then you think it's funny?!