Thursday, April 03, 2014

New life as a skirt

Being unemployed comes with loads of free time. So I thought I could do some sewing. I want to learn how to sew with a sewing machine and on I went to some places and got flyers about their courses. But the courses work like this: You choose what you want to make, you either have the material or buy in the store where the course takes places, and then you sew and the teacher helps you. This creates a little problem for me. I have absolutely no idea what to make. While thinking about this I remembered that I still have two tablecloths at home. I bought these on the flea market to re-fashion them into skirts.

Might as well do that first! I don't need a course for these and the material just lies there anyway.

I started with the red table cloth. I ironed and measured and finally figured out, I could make two skirts out of one table cloth. Why not?

First I made a mini-skirt. I don't have a red one and I like the bright colour.
Also introducing my new picnic blanket. Jaaaa~
The table cloth wasn't all that well sewn and the hem was crooked. I decided to rip it up and sew again. This time with a decorative woven band.
Stupid me! Couldn't I have thought about this before cutting the table cloth?! Oh no, now I had to fight for every millimeter or else my bum would hang out my skirt. Also, it took like thousands of years to complete. The ripping up took about two hours alone, because the damned hem was sewn on with three(!) threads!
Then I folded the fabric and made a new hem. Then I sewed on the woven band. All in all I've sown my way around this hem five times! I cursed this stupid idea so often while sewing! Well, I had a lot of time for cursing then...

This is how it turned out! In the end I was glad I did it. I really like the woven band, too.

Cutesy little flowers that just smiled at me in the shop. "Buy us, buy us!"
The ends meet like this: I folded each end and sewed the folds together. I deliberately put them together a bit further from the side seam, so the skirt wouldn't get a dent there.
Now its flow isn't interrupted, just as I intended.
I used an OPTI zipper. Gawd, never buy those, people! Look, what it does! It creates a gap! And I couldn't help it, because the zipper is so not flexible. I couldn't bend it any other way. I don't like things that I bought who then still don't want to do as they're told.
Guess, I could sew a little something on there to force the two ends together, but I won't. The gap won't be seen, because my top, sweater or whatever will cover it anyway. But it angers me to see this. From now on only YKK zippers are allowed in my house!

All in all, I'm really happy with this one. I haven't worn it yet outside the house, but the opportunity will come, I'm sure! Looking forward to it.

I wonder a bit, if the table cloth ever thought it would get a new life as a skirt... Stupid! Table cloths don't think!


  1. This looks pretty awesome! The seams are so clean!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Hours and hours of my life are now in this! ;-)

  2. I love it! The trim at the hem is especially pretty. Maybe a hook at the top of the skirt to close up the gap may help. My sister has tons of store bought skirts that are like that. I think it also helps keep the zipper from unzipping during normal wear. Losing your skirt could pose a problem. I hope you post more of your lovely hobby you have gotten into.

    1. I thought about a hook, but decided against it, because I owned skirts with a hook and never used it. So I probably wouldn't use it on this one either and might as well spare myself the work. ^^ The zipper doesn't open by itself, no worries there.
      I will post more of it, once it's all really really done and gone through the laundry once. Stuff isn't presentable after sitting on my desk for weeks. ;-)

  3. are you American? I saw somewhere in your blog that people should use proper English; but that English was not your primary language.

    Your English is quite good, especially if not your first language.