Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sakura matsuri and Turtle!

It's this time of the year again! Spring has sprung and people go outside to look at it. To satisfy this need there is a sakura matsuri in this town, the most beautiful town in the world!

There's got to be something wrong with this sakura matsuri, though, because the weather is always, always shit then. The first year I wanted to go there, it rained in sheets. The sakura matsuri gets canceled when it rains a lot, so it got canceled that year.
Last year spring hadn't sprung yet and there were no sakura to be seen, so artificial sakura twigs were tethered to about five trees. That was pathetic. Also it was cold as fuck.
This year spring had sprung a month ago and the sakura were all gone by the time of the sakura matsuri. And it was cold, the sky was dark and after half of the matsuri time it started to rain.

Anyway. I went there with Akane, who wrote this very cute post about it with pictures. She shows pictures, but doesn't really tell the story of the yummy onigiri she made. Or the yummy salad I made, for that matter. We went there, bought an-pan (omg, so good!), sat down on my picnic blanket and watched the cosplay people. We tried to guess their characters, but failed miserably. We're too old and too little into anime/manga, I guess. And we ate! Onigiri (one salmon, one shiso, just thinking about them makes me hungry again, yummy!), an-pan and salad, drank green tea and were absolutely stuffed! And then friends of Akane gave us sakura mochi, so we ate that, too. It was actually good it started to rain and we left, otherwise we would have ended up eating even more. Possibly sushi. They teach you to prepare it yourself, very nice.
We had a lot of fun and now Akane even painted me on her blog! It's my debut, people!

Buuut, since the weather was so shite, I remembered a very nice spring day a few weeks ago in the park. I sat on my picnic blanket (I go nowhere without it now that I own it!!) with a friend, when something caught my eye in the grass. Something was walking towards my blanket!
This little cutie belonged to the next blanket over and was very curious what we were all about. Walked around my blanket and looked at everything and everyone. Also tried to climb everything and everyone. These little feet are spiky!
But so cute! I could even pet it!
So much cuteness! The little turtle had to be picked up by its owners, because it refused to leave us to go home. Who wants to go home, when you can be entertained by strangers?! Not this turtle.

That was the best day this year, so much sunshine! The sakura matsuri must have done something wrong in its early days, so now they only get shit weather. How can we redeem this unknown mistake?


  1. Oh my gosh, Akana posted white asparagus. I miss that from Germany and the soup is so yummy! The turtle is adorable, I had one but it wandered away out of its corral one summer day never to be seen again. I assume it found a different little girl to enjoy it's summer days with.

    1. Everybody likes white asparagus, except me. ^^ Somehow it leads me to think there is something wrong with my taste buds.
      Us ordinary people can not comment on Akane's blog, you need to be able to write Japanese captcha. So mean. :-/
      Aw, your turtle ran off? Maybe they like to get new friends once in a while. :-)