Sunday, June 29, 2014

My dear friend

I sold my old bicycle. I now earn real money, not just bits with little jobs on the side. So I thought it's about time to buy myself a new bike and that's what I did. Then I sold my old bike. Doing that made me think back what this bike and me went through together and how long we've actually been together.

This is it. My dear friend, that's been with me for 13 years. Thirteen!
in front of my house in a free parking space
For my 16th birthday I got a bike. No, not this one. But a real grandma one. It was lilac and grandma and I hated it. The sensible thing for my parents to do would have been to bring it back to the store and let me choose another bike, but they didn't want to. The insisted that I was now "of a certain age" and should stop riding sporty bikes. Maybe because I'm not a boy or something. I hated that bike and never locked it wherever I went with it. A lot of bicycles get stolen in my hometown and I was SO hoping for it to happen. One day, it didn't really take that long, that awful bike got stolen.
My parents took me to the hardware store and finally let me choose a bike. I chose this one, though it was silver at the time. The blue was added by me and a friend 8 years ago, because the silver had become so rusty.

With this bike I rode to school every day in every damn weather. I promised it there would come a time when we would only ride out in nice weather.When I moved out, this time came. We never rode to school again, we only made fun trips around the new city I had moved to. But now we were in a city and it was a lot more dangerous than in my little, tiny hometown. We didn't fall down in snow and ice, alright, but we had an accident involving a suddenly opened car door and we were stopped by policemen for riding right through the pedestrian zone. We also rode right through broken glass and it didn't always work out well.

Quite some things needed to be replaced on my dear bike like brakes, lights and the saddle. Actually I stole the "new" saddle from a bike that was parked in front of the library for a looong time. (That's something that happens a lot. People forget their bikes. Other people then steal them or vandalize them or use them as a scrapyard.)

But it is a very heavy bike and I always had to use so much force just to move its weight on top of mine. I wanted to have a better one. It felt kinda mean to my dear bike, that's been with me for such a long time, but I really wanted to be able to make big tours.

I made pictures of this bike and put it on the internet. Just 5 hours later two people came to look at it. A man and his girlfriend, who then told me she needed a bike, because her little daughter just learned to bike and they wanted to do that together. She was really happy with my bike, really liked the colour and was smiling when she rode away on it.
Her happiness made me happy, too. Selling my bike to her, who was so happy with it, seems a very good thing.

Goodbye, my dear friend. I know, you'll be a dear friend to her as you've been to me.

PS: Yep, I got a new job and it's a good one.


  1. It's always so hard to part with something that you have had for so long that is useful. I sometimes miss my pick-up truck. I learned to drive in it and when it finally came time to part with it I was sad. In retrospect I should have kept it and passed it on to a family member. Ah decisions....
    So what type of bike did you get and how do people just forget about their bikes?

    1. At least my bike is now in the hands of this girl, who really likes my bike. Her bike. ^^

      Yeah, how DO people forget their bikes?! I have no idea. Maybe they bought a new one and didn't bother with the old? Maybe they moved away and just left it? It's a big mystery for me.

      I kinda got my old bike just in new and better. ^^ And lighter, wow, it feels like flying. :-)