Monday, July 14, 2014

Natsu matsuri in the rain

Didn't I write something about the Japanese festivals around here always having bad weather?

Well, yesterday was natsu matsuri, the summer festival. It's always held a local park and they used to say they'd cancel it if it rains. But after they cancelled it one time because of a bad forecast and it then didn't rain, there was an uproar against them. So now the festival will be there, no matter what.

We arrived and it rained. We had umbrellas with us, so we were fine, but we worried about the festival. Will it be there? Will all participants even come? But we were pleasantly surprised! Everyone was there and they were all pretty much prepared for rain. Umbrellas, pavilions, cover, gumboots...
But then it really started to rain! A real downpour! With thunder!
On the left the bonsai stand, on the right the flea market by a Japanese family.
We were stuck under a tree, looking for cover, when it hit that hard. We couldn't even walk away to find better cover, because we would have been drenched to the bone before getting anywhere.
But even under the tree, we weren't completely safe. Our pants were spluttered, my umbrella decided to be not up for the job and there was a little river forming and swelling up, limiting our room to stand.

After some time, it gradually stopped. Even the sun came out! Of course everybody was wet by then and the sun made everything damp. But who cares! Natsu matsuri!
We shared this one. Nom.
The matsuri was really full. So now it's clear: people come no matter the weather.
We listened to these great drummers. Akane told me, such drummers usually would only play for about 10 minutes, because it's really tiring. But these here played for over 40 minutes straight. The leader (the one with the white headband) was so full of energy! When she announced they'd play one more, the rest of them stared at her like they didn't believe what she just said. I guess the leader was really glad to have an audience that came even in rain and applauded so much.
They were great!
In the end the festival was a real success. Rain or no rain!


  1. Rain, seems like it has been ages since we had a good dousing. I am envious of the festival as well as the rain. I just recently found out that there is an Obon Festival next month about 30 miles from where I live, I might try that out.

    1. You want rain? Visit me! :-D
      Obon festival sounds good, too. Wonder, what they will do. Go there!
      This natsu matsuri also had some tanabata for good measure. :-)