Monday, September 22, 2014


I didn't blog. I'm having writer's block. Or more thinker's block?
I can't think of anything worth to write. My thoughts just scatter about and slip away when I want to write about them. Meh.
It also extends to emails. My soulmate finally emailed me and I cannot bring myself to answer her. Other friendships also need to be maintained. Via email, because I hate the phone.

Yep, there are women around who hate talking on the telephone. Really.

In an effort to gather my thoughts again and also promote deep thinking (yeah!), I bought myself a notebook (the paper kind). I love buying paper. Writing paper, folding paper, cards, books... I intend to write in this notebook every day. Every day for a while about my day. About anything. Like a diary, but then again not.

Also, because my handwriting looks absolute shit being all in block-letters, I made up a new handwriting. Because I can.

Now I have the notebook and the sheet with my new handwriting sitting on my desk, waiting for me.
We'll see what comes of it all.