Sunday, November 08, 2015

Trip to Belarus

I went to Belarus!

What? Belarus? What is that?
It's that country wedged between Russia and Poland. There! Look! You had no idea it existed? Off to Wikipedia with you! I also read up about Belarus, when my boyfriend (otherwise know on here as the Auction Winner) told me he comes from there. I knew of its existence and where it is, but that was about it. So I read the Wikipedia article about it and considered myself educated after this. As you do.
We went to visit my boyfriend's mother and to do some sightseeing, because it's my first visit. Belarus isn't really known as a destination for your next vacation, but I had the best of times! And I want all of you to know how wonderful and strange it is there. Off we go!
Pilfered picture from the nation wide campaign. Posters are found everywhere with very nice motives of the Belarusian countryside. The message reads: I love Belarus!
I visited Minsk, Vitebsk, Polotsk and Novopolotsk and will try to show you what I liked most. To avoid overladen posts I will make this a series. Heh.

In general I can say (and this is not a political analysis, just my feelings) that Belarus felt like the GDR. It feels and looks just like the GDR would probably feel and look if it still existed today and the German reunification had never happened. For example most streets were in a bad state and full of holes, just like I remember them from my childhood in the GDR. Also most houses were grey and needed some serious work done. Shop assistants ranged from unfriendly to nasty, just like back then. People don't smile the polite smile that is so important in the West, just like back then. (My family refers to those friendly smiles as fake and ass kissing.)

It might sound all negative, but you can be quite happy in a more simple lifestyle without glamour and smiling shop assistants. I was prepared for a vacation without glamour and luxury, so I wasn't horrified or anything. You can't go to a foreign country and expect everything to be like home, that's rubbish. I looked at it all with the interested eyes of a tourists who is heavily reminded of her childhood in the GDR. I had a lot of fun!
When people realised we were tourists from Germany, we always got special treatment. They thought it great to have visitors from other countries and wanted to be extra nice to make a good impression. What can I tell you? It totally worked.
The only time I got weird looks for speaking German was in the big museum about the Great Patriotic War while reading out German texts. Understandable, I think.

I enjoyed my time there and will show you around. Stay tuned!
Absolutely cute juice boxes

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Creepiness continues!

At Easter I told you about this creepy thing that happened to me: While shopping for Easter sweets I ran into a guy whom I had met a few times 8 years ago. This guy wanted more and I had told him no and to never contact me again. Then, 8 years later we meet again in the sweets section and he reveals how he's been obsessing over me for all those years!
I again told him no and walked away.

8 years ago, when I told him no the first time, he didn't give up after my rejection. After posting here I later remembered he had sent me a letter begging me for my friendship and implying the friendship could then slowly grow into more. I threw the letter in the garbage.

Now this time he also doesn't give up. After this accidental meeting at Easter I suddenly received emails.
I have never even given him my address!
Which means he must have been sitting at his computer for quite some time sending emails in different combinations of my forename and surname to different providers. The time he invests!
He writes me how much he likes to meet me, to have a serious relationship with me and what a great and wonderful person he is, but very lonely. He asked me out to the theatre.
Between the lines I can read how deep the obsession goes and how literally insane he is.

I never responded. This would only tell him that one of the addresses is actually mine and I don't want him to know. I hoped he would give up after the first email and no reaction to it. But he doesn't. The emails keep coming.

I'm getting quite scared. I'm scared one day he will find out my home address and will turn up here. Like when I come home from work he will be waiting for me.
I thought about blocking his emails from arriving, but then didn't. They might provide a warning when he's about to do something. Something in revenge for my rejection. I hope it never happens. But if it does, I will contact the police right away. This is becoming too much for me to deal with.

Sorry for the non-funny post!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I did it! I got myself braces! Yay!

God, my teeth hurt so much the first 3 days! I couldn't exist without painkillers. I barely could eat and my mood was really low. No motivation for nothing. Pain really wears you out.
But I couldn't really complain too much, because I did this to myself. I wanted braces!

I've never liked my smile. My upper front teeth stand out a bit and I always hated that. So now that I have money (work can be a pain in the ass, but the money is great), I will have them fixed. It's not just cosmetic, since it will fix some other issues, too.

Now after a few more days the pain has let up and I'm glad again I did it. But during the worst pain I was close to regretting my decision. That's how weak we humans are. Heh.

I still can't eat properly and blend all my food together. Never before did I realise how much of the taste depends on chewing. Now that I can't chew a lot of taste is lost on me. Also, I feel like a baby. Eating mash with a spoon for all meals.
And all food beomes a brown mess when you blend it. Ew.

This should be over soon. The pain is getting less every day. I hope to eat normal food again on Friday. At least this is what I've planned. Because I have a meal plan for every week. Diet and so on. (Nobody wants to read about diets, am I right?)

In school almost everybody had braces and they all survived it, so all is gonna be well and even better, since I will like my smile a lot more and might not cringe from having my picture taken. Yay for that!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creepy Easter Story

Story time!

Right before Easter I'm downtown buying Easter sweets, because I'm the kind of person who full well knows Easter is coming, but who cannot shop until the very last minute. It doesn't need to be done until it's urgent, you know? Ahem.

Anyways, I'm at some huge department store shopping the eff out the sweets section.The normal stuff is great, but I'm here for Easter and I need to FOCUS. So I'm really zooming in on the sweets, looking up and down the shelves while walking. Dangerous, this.
Suddenly someone steps in my way and I get a little shock, because was I just abut to run over this person? I'm about to say sorry, when this random person speaks and calls out my name with a huge question mark at the end.
"Err, yes?" Guilty, that's me. Who are you?
"Oh, I'm so glad to meet you. Can't believe this, this is fantastic! Do you remember me?"
Oh shit. I remember. Can't even pull my face in a way that would show equal gladness and fatastic-ness and stuff. Don't remember his name, but just about everything else. Why do I have to run into unpleasant people all the time! Why can't I meet friends from school like other people?
Dude wanted to emigrate to New Zealand, he shouldn't even be here! Why is he here! Arrrgh! So I ask. "Didn't you want to go to New Zealand? Why are you here?"
His face lights up. I remember and this makes him so glad. He tells me this huge sob-story how the emigration didn't work out, but he had been there and his best buddy from NZ died and his parents... I zoom out. I don't want to know. I randomly wonder, why he is trembling so much. Did he have a stroke? It's possible, right? He isn't really young... my mother had a stroke when young... and it's been 8 years, so it could be, right?

8 years ago I did my internship on site for becoming the cute little civil engineer that I'm now. We were building a boring house there and needed a tower crane for lifting the materials. The crane was delivered in parts to the site and a day later some dude showed up and assembled it. Connected all the wires, crawled around in the horizontal jib (while it was still just a metre off the ground) and tested the whole thing. The testing was exciting to say the least, because nobody had planned for the horizontal jib to have to be able to turn all the way and on the other side was a church tower. We missed it, but only barely. I had been watching the dude work all the time and thought he did a great job and I told him so. We started talking how you get into this line of work and if it's fun and stuff. He told me his dream: he wanted to emigrate to New Zealand. I said what a wonderful dream, why don't you do it? He had doubts, but even said he could get a job there, even has friends, who are like family... I supported the emigration. Just do it, I said. He asked me, if I'm interested in New Zealand and I said sure. I mean why ever the hell not? So we exchanged numbers and arranged a meeting. He wanted to show me pictures of his travels and talk about New Zealand and emigration.
We met, we talked, it was a nice meeting. It seemed to me he just had to set some formal things straight and then he could leave right away. I supported this decision. If you have a dream, follow it!
He drove me home, I said bye and was about to get out of the car when he asked me for a kiss. I got a shock, choked out a "NO" and bolted.
Inside my room, I recovered and after consulting with friends (absolutely panicked) I sent him a text which told him that I didn't want things this way and to never, ever contact me again. I was so creeped out! He was so much older than me, we're colleagues... I felt, he had abused my trust. And I knew, we couldn't be friends like this, so it was better to just break off all contact.

(Disclaimer: Dating isn't really a thing here, so I didn't smell this coming. Maybe my readers from countries where dating is a thing knew this was gonna happen all along.
I sure didn't. I was young and stoopid. Now I know better. Never be nice to men. They misunderstand.)

His talking grows more pressing, I zoom in again. He doesn't tremble as much anymore. No stroke?
"I'm so glad I met you here. You won't believe it, but even went to church to pray I could meet you again. All this time I was so in love with you and always hoped to see you again. Can we meet up later? Can I have you number? I was hoping all the time to meet you again."

He talks in circles and all this is never going to end well. So I interrupt and tell him, I won't meet him. He talks about his prayers again. I tell him God doesn't grant all wishes and that I'm sorry. I walk away, am totally scared I will be followed, pay my sweets and bolt.

This was so creepy!

I mean, I get it. It's sooo romantic he was waiting for me all those years and is so happy to see me.
But I wasn't happy. Absolutely not.

And btw: What did he do 8 years long? The world is populated! Why wait for me as if I'm something special?! I'm not! I'm a horrible person and he doesn't know that because he met me all of two times. 8 years ago! He could have met some wonderful woman during these 8 years and marry and have kids, even. Instead he chose to obsess over me and mold me into this person, who is just perfect for him. I am not this person. I don't want to be obsessed over. I don't want to be jumped in the sweets section by some guy who made unwanted advances and who I told to piss off. 8 years ago.

My. Goodness.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you have wonderful weather and the time to enjoy it!
Taken last year near one of our rivers. I liked that someone had the idea to plant flowers right in the meadow.
So I decided to have some at home this year. I don't have a garden and I don't live near this river anymore, but I didn't miss out. Easter for me is a time to look forward to spring. Most times it's still really cold around Easter like this year, but all around you can see the first flowers poking out and you feel "Aaah, soon spring will come." It's relieving.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Almost selfmade

My sister had her birthday a while ago. Since she is a person, who already has everything (like most people nowadays) it's hard to come up with a good idea what to give her as a present. A lot of people in my family solve this dilemma by not giving presents at all. I don't like this solution though. Giving presents is a wonderful thing, I think. Getting presents, too.
I wanted to give her something special. So I bought a little cute statue made of plaster. I painted it and then sent to my sister. The paint job took hours, because I was extra-careful. When the little statue was all painted, I lacquered it in the stairway at my old place. Took a while before the lacquer stain on the floor was rubbed off again by my neighbours' feet. Tee-hee.
Here it is!
She's a cute little dolly. Standing there with her eyes closed and being aaall innocent. It's good she has her eyes closed, cuz she'll be living in my sister's bathroom and her innocence would go down the drain there, I guess.

I like kimonos, but I have no know-how of them. So the pattern is just something I saw somewhere else. It's supposed to be birds, but I think that's hard to see. I also was a bit at a loss about her hairdo... so I just went with the flow.

When I was really done, I loved it. My sister liked it, too.
Somehow I thought, I should do this more often. Painting things is so much fun! But where would I put all these things?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've moved!

No, not the blog. For real!
I've moved out of the shared flat. This was kind of a big step for me, because I'd lived in shared flats for almost 12 years. Never in my life did I live alone and now I have my very own flat! While this might be so very boring for most people, for me it was and still is very exciting. The first few nights alone in the flat I was even scared. But now this new place is home to me. I feel very good here.

That shared flat was the first flat in which I had my own furniture, so this was my first time moving with furniture. I wouldn't have expected it to be so different. But of course, this move was very different. Before I would move via the tram, just carrying my stuff in a few bags and small boxes. Maybe going back and forth a few times, but it wasn't a lot of work. But this time... so much stuff! 12 years ago I moved out of my parents' house with only one bag and now I have tons of stuff. Wow. Just wow.

Packing was the weirdest thing. It didn't seem much work at first, but the stuff didn't seem to become less while I packed. I packed and packed and it seemed to become more! So I packed even more and at some point the stuff seemed to disappear before my eyes. Very weird.

Also, all this good advice to moving. Very well-meant and absolutely right. But how to follow the advice? For example I was told not to pack boxes full of books, because the box would be too heavy then. Seems logical and okay to do. But no! I realized I only own books and few other, not heavy things. It was really hard to fill up half full boxes with light stuff. Mostly, I didn't succeed and the boxes were quite heavy then.
And so many more books to go!
But the move was over quickly by the help of friends and the Auction Winner, who drove the moving van. I was really glad when all my stuff was in the new flat. At first, my bed wasn't reassembled and I had to sleep on the floor on a futon. Probably didn't help with the scary first few nights.

By now I've put a month of work a quite a bit of money into my flat and now it's my new home. I love it here! Living alone has its pros and cons, but overall I love it. I feel very safe and happy here.

Living alone is a great experience and everybody should totally do that at least once in their lives!