Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've moved!

No, not the blog. For real!
I've moved out of the shared flat. This was kind of a big step for me, because I'd lived in shared flats for almost 12 years. Never in my life did I live alone and now I have my very own flat! While this might be so very boring for most people, for me it was and still is very exciting. The first few nights alone in the flat I was even scared. But now this new place is home to me. I feel very good here.

That shared flat was the first flat in which I had my own furniture, so this was my first time moving with furniture. I wouldn't have expected it to be so different. But of course, this move was very different. Before I would move via the tram, just carrying my stuff in a few bags and small boxes. Maybe going back and forth a few times, but it wasn't a lot of work. But this time... so much stuff! 12 years ago I moved out of my parents' house with only one bag and now I have tons of stuff. Wow. Just wow.

Packing was the weirdest thing. It didn't seem much work at first, but the stuff didn't seem to become less while I packed. I packed and packed and it seemed to become more! So I packed even more and at some point the stuff seemed to disappear before my eyes. Very weird.

Also, all this good advice to moving. Very well-meant and absolutely right. But how to follow the advice? For example I was told not to pack boxes full of books, because the box would be too heavy then. Seems logical and okay to do. But no! I realized I only own books and few other, not heavy things. It was really hard to fill up half full boxes with light stuff. Mostly, I didn't succeed and the boxes were quite heavy then.
And so many more books to go!
But the move was over quickly by the help of friends and the Auction Winner, who drove the moving van. I was really glad when all my stuff was in the new flat. At first, my bed wasn't reassembled and I had to sleep on the floor on a futon. Probably didn't help with the scary first few nights.

By now I've put a month of work a quite a bit of money into my flat and now it's my new home. I love it here! Living alone has its pros and cons, but overall I love it. I feel very safe and happy here.

Living alone is a great experience and everybody should totally do that at least once in their lives!