Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I did it! I got myself braces! Yay!

God, my teeth hurt so much the first 3 days! I couldn't exist without painkillers. I barely could eat and my mood was really low. No motivation for nothing. Pain really wears you out.
But I couldn't really complain too much, because I did this to myself. I wanted braces!

I've never liked my smile. My upper front teeth stand out a bit and I always hated that. So now that I have money (work can be a pain in the ass, but the money is great), I will have them fixed. It's not just cosmetic, since it will fix some other issues, too.

Now after a few more days the pain has let up and I'm glad again I did it. But during the worst pain I was close to regretting my decision. That's how weak we humans are. Heh.

I still can't eat properly and blend all my food together. Never before did I realise how much of the taste depends on chewing. Now that I can't chew a lot of taste is lost on me. Also, I feel like a baby. Eating mash with a spoon for all meals.
And all food beomes a brown mess when you blend it. Ew.

This should be over soon. The pain is getting less every day. I hope to eat normal food again on Friday. At least this is what I've planned. Because I have a meal plan for every week. Diet and so on. (Nobody wants to read about diets, am I right?)

In school almost everybody had braces and they all survived it, so all is gonna be well and even better, since I will like my smile a lot more and might not cringe from having my picture taken. Yay for that!