Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I did it! I got myself braces! Yay!

God, my teeth hurt so much the first 3 days! I couldn't exist without painkillers. I barely could eat and my mood was really low. No motivation for nothing. Pain really wears you out.
But I couldn't really complain too much, because I did this to myself. I wanted braces!

I've never liked my smile. My upper front teeth stand out a bit and I always hated that. So now that I have money (work can be a pain in the ass, but the money is great), I will have them fixed. It's not just cosmetic, since it will fix some other issues, too.

Now after a few more days the pain has let up and I'm glad again I did it. But during the worst pain I was close to regretting my decision. That's how weak we humans are. Heh.

I still can't eat properly and blend all my food together. Never before did I realise how much of the taste depends on chewing. Now that I can't chew a lot of taste is lost on me. Also, I feel like a baby. Eating mash with a spoon for all meals.
And all food beomes a brown mess when you blend it. Ew.

This should be over soon. The pain is getting less every day. I hope to eat normal food again on Friday. At least this is what I've planned. Because I have a meal plan for every week. Diet and so on. (Nobody wants to read about diets, am I right?)

In school almost everybody had braces and they all survived it, so all is gonna be well and even better, since I will like my smile a lot more and might not cringe from having my picture taken. Yay for that!


  1. I liked your smile, but i guess everybody has other preferences :)
    guess i will wait and see how it will change..i might like it even more :)

    in <3 Denis :3

    1. It's s wonderful of you to drop by!
      My smile will become gorgeous, I tell ya! :-D

  2. I remember the first day I had braces, I pretty much went straight to bed that afternoon and slept undisturbed until the following morning. I was tired from the arduous procedure of having them put on not to mention the killer headache that came with it.
    I wasn't lucky enough to have mashed or blended food, I had to eat what was served; no questions asked. But you get used to it fairly quickly.

    1. Oh yes, the procedure was unpleasant, too. But the first day was the worst. Never had to much blood in my toothpaste after brushing! :-D Painkillers were really necessary...

      By now I'm pretty used to them. I can even eat like an adult now. Heh. Isn't that something. :-)

      My blender broke. So no more blended/mashed food until I buy a new one. ^^

  3. It is quite possible that technology has improved since I had them 10 ahhhh 20 years ago but the day of/ after the monthly checkups they will ache at about 60% of the pain of that first day but yeah, totally worth the results!

    1. I'm a bit afraid of the next checkup for this reason. But how my mother always used to say: Who wants to be pretty, has to suffer. ;-)