Sunday, September 13, 2015

Creepiness continues!

At Easter I told you about this creepy thing that happened to me: While shopping for Easter sweets I ran into a guy whom I had met a few times 8 years ago. This guy wanted more and I had told him no and to never contact me again. Then, 8 years later we meet again in the sweets section and he reveals how he's been obsessing over me for all those years!
I again told him no and walked away.

8 years ago, when I told him no the first time, he didn't give up after my rejection. After posting here I later remembered he had sent me a letter begging me for my friendship and implying the friendship could then slowly grow into more. I threw the letter in the garbage.

Now this time he also doesn't give up. After this accidental meeting at Easter I suddenly received emails.
I have never even given him my address!
Which means he must have been sitting at his computer for quite some time sending emails in different combinations of my forename and surname to different providers. The time he invests!
He writes me how much he likes to meet me, to have a serious relationship with me and what a great and wonderful person he is, but very lonely. He asked me out to the theatre.
Between the lines I can read how deep the obsession goes and how literally insane he is.

I never responded. This would only tell him that one of the addresses is actually mine and I don't want him to know. I hoped he would give up after the first email and no reaction to it. But he doesn't. The emails keep coming.

I'm getting quite scared. I'm scared one day he will find out my home address and will turn up here. Like when I come home from work he will be waiting for me.
I thought about blocking his emails from arriving, but then didn't. They might provide a warning when he's about to do something. Something in revenge for my rejection. I hope it never happens. But if it does, I will contact the police right away. This is becoming too much for me to deal with.

Sorry for the non-funny post!