Sunday, April 10, 2016

This blog

It's been quiet around here.
It's not just me not writing anymore. There were also less commenters than in non-quiet days. Huh.

I created this blog in a phase in my life, when I felt I wasn't heard. So I wrote all my thoughts on here. I vented. I let loose.
This phase is over.

My life changed. For the better and that's great. I don't need blogging as an outlet anymore. This also means I don't want to blog anymore. I had and have nice ideas for blog post. I had plans for this blog...
But I don't feel like it anymore.
I always have so many nice things I can do, so blogging seems like wasting my time in comparison. Or like a chore.

It shouldn't be like this. Either I want to blog and like it a lot or not.

So... until further notice this blog is on hiatus.

I will still read comments, so if anyone has a question, I'm here.